We are dedicated to partnering with your organization to recruit Columbia undergraduates, graduates and alumni for full-time, part-time and internship positions. Our team provides a number of resources to help you connect to our students and alumni including job postings, career fairs, and information sessions, to best meet the needs of your organization and recruitment strategies.

Please contact additional Columbia University Career Centers to reach populations not represented by CCE.

LionSHARE is our on campus job board whch allows employers to post available jobs and internships to the students and alumni served by the Center for Career Education (CCE). LionSHARE is one of the most effective ways for employers to communicate opportunities and receive job applications directly through the portal.  

The Center for Career Education can offer your organization a number of resources to help meet your hiring needs. One of the most effective ways to recruit Columbia University students is to take advantage of On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) program, which includes features such as On-Campus Interviewing, Career Fairs, Industry Showcases, and Emplyer Information Sessions. Use the 2017-2018 Recruiting Calendar as you plan your campus recruiting strategy.

Columbia University, a world-renowned Ivy League institution based in New York City, boasts an illustrious 250 year history, an impeccable record of academic excellence and an extensive roster of distinguished alumni and faculty.  Read on to hear more about exactly what makes the student community that we serve so special.

We are excited to invite you to join our Employer Partnership Program!  Employer Partnership support is essential to helping us fulfill our goal of providing premier career services to our students and alumni.

The Columbia community will benefit through new and innovative career development opportunities including tailored events, industry resources and subscription websites, career development apps, educational resources, and more.

We provide students with the tools to make informed career decisions and partner with employers to maximize their recruiting results. To ensure that the recruiting process is fair for all participants, please review our employer and student policies.