Jobs in this sector promote sustainability, remedy or prevent environmental damage, or put people, profit, and planet on equal footing. Opportunites are in private industry, government agencies, and non profits. Some positions are at organizations with environmental missions while others are within the corporate social responsibility or supply chain functions of corporations. As a starting point to learn more, visit The National Center for O*NET’s overview of green economic sectors.

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Focus Areas in Environment & Sustainability

In this field, most people have a passion for solving complex problems, working with new or emerging research and technologies, and see themselves as agents of change. Sought after skills and abilities (from a survey conducted by the US EPA) include communication skills (speaking, writing, visual, listening), broad environmental science understanding, creativity and innovation, critical thinking, and technical skills.

Here is a sample list of applied areas in this industry:

  • Media — to cover environmental issues
  • Facilities — to ensure environmental health and safety
  • Policy or Law — to encourage change by lawmakers and defend the environment
  • Venture capital or socially responsible investing — to put money toward sound organizations
  • Sciences /Engineering— to put new technologies and processes into place

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