Finding a job or internship is a process. They may vary in job function and timeline, but the required preparation is similar across all searches. Preparation includes exploring connections between majors and careers, industry research, building your professional network, and writing application materials like a resume and cover letter. Our career counselors and resources can help you prepare and strategize your search process.

Whether you are entry-level or an experienced professional, understanding recruiting processes, hiring timelines and how to prepare, are key when navigating the job search. We will help you take on...
Internships are short-term work experiences that allow you to observe and participate in professional environments. They are also a great way to explore how your interests relate to possible careers.

We build relationships with hundreds of employers to help them connect with Columbia University students and alumni like you.

International experiences build cross-cultural understanding and global citizenship. There are many ways to gain international experience during or after college.
Looking to fund an unpaid or low-paid internship experience? Here is information on CCE’s funding programs. Be sure to check out the eligibility and program requirements for each program. We encourage you to apply to all programs you’re eligible for.