We are an innovative team of career services professionals dedicated to supporting our diverse body of students and alumni in reaching their personal and professional goals, by providing access to networking connections, experiential learning opportunities and jobs, comprehensive resources, and customized career counseling. 

We can work with you to help you design your next steps.  This might include thinking about your career options, preparing for a job or internship search, seeking to build connections, or considering ways to gain experience.

Our staff will help you through every stage of your career development. Whether it’s career counseling, connecting with employers or alumni, or gaining internship experience, we’re here to support your next steps!

We collect a lot of data about the services we provide, satisfaction and learning outcomes assessments, and post-graduation outcomes. Some examples of the topics we share data points on include:

  • Career counseling appointments
  • Quick Questions
  • Event attendance
  • The Beyond Columbia Survey results

Please browse, below, to see some of our most recent data points and stats!

Do you need to make a career counseling appointment or register for an event? Do you have questions about on campus interview access? The questions and answers below will guide you in the right direction.