Columbia University is fortunate to have a vibrant alumni community who have been known to have interesting, accomplished, and varied careers.  Relationships with alumni can provide you with direct knowledge of industries and organizations, opportunities to gain experience and advice, as well as the chance to expand your network and job search skills.

To learn more about how to grow relationships with alumni, please view our Tools for Building Alumni Connections resource.

Looking for alumni-specific resources? Check out our For Alumni page for content created just for you!

Join LinkedIn Groups

Learn From Alumni Profiles

The Alumni Profiles page provides an opportunity to understand the career paths and wisdom of our distinguished alumni.

Apply on LionSHARE

Many alumni champion the hiring of Columbia students at their companies and organizations and those roles are represented in our LionSHARE postings.  It is a great benefit to have alumni who understand the value of your learning experiences and advocate for your unique skill set in their workplaces.

Attend Networking Series

The Center for Career Education (CCE), in collaboration with Alumni Affairs, presents three series, where students have the opportunity to interact with alumni from different fields in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.  This is an ideal setting to advance your career exploration and hear advice directly from industry professionals. 

Participate in CCE Mentor Programs

CCE facilitates summer mentor programs.  Alumni mentors provide personal and professional advice and guidance to participating students while they complete summer internships or live in a new city.  As a student in one of the programs, you would be paired with a mentor whose experiences are aligned with your interests and who is available in your geographic location.

The Columbia College Odyssey Mentoring Program

Discover the power of your Columbia College network with The Odyssey Mentoring Program. 
This online community is exclusively for College alumni and students, and it’s a great place to seek advice, ask questions, or even find a long-term mentoring experience. It’s easy to connect with alumni! Log on with your UNI at  This program is managed by the Columbia College Alumni Relations team.

Sign-up for Mock Interview Nights

Through the CCE Alumni Mock Interview Program, you have the opportunity to practice interviewing with Columbia alumni in your industry of interest.  Not only will you gain interviewing experience and skills, but also you will receive feedback from industry professionals that have gone through the hiring experience as a Columbia student.  The Mock Interview Program takes place at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters to prepare you for the upcoming internship and job interviews.

Register for Campus Recruitment Events

A great way to engage with alumni one-on-one is through the CCE’s campus recruitment events.  Alumni are proud to return to campus or host students at their workplaces to share their stories and network with rising professionals.  You can find alumni easily at CCE events by the ”ALUMNI” ribbon on their nametag.  All upcoming events can be found in LionSHARE in the Events and Fairs sections.  

  • Career Fairs
  • Industry Showcases
  • Information Sessions
  • Site Visits
  • Externships