Why Should I Research Organizations?

Researching organizations is an integral part of your networking and job search process.  Research is essential to target  organizations that could be a good fit for you and employers expect you to know about their industry, organization, and position, and even something about the interviewer and his/her role. They expect you to demonstrate this knowledge in cover letters and during the interview and networking process.  Your research in turn helps you to better reflect your capability, interest, and enthusiasm for the field, organization and position.


What Should I Find Out?

  • Mission and values
  • History of organization
  • Leadership of organization
  • Size of organization/office locations
  • National and/or international presence
  • Structure/departments
  • Typical job titles
  • Organizational culture
  • Competitors and general landscape of the industry
  • Current events/recent news
  • Professional/educational background of the interviewer(s)

CCE Resources to Learn More about Organizations


  • Insider Info - Log in using your UNI and Password to get the scoop from our employer outreach meetings with companies.
  • Vault  - Log in using your UNI and Password to conduct in-depth research on companies, careers and industries.
  • Career Exploration/Industries - Learn about a variety of industries/career fields, the types of jobs,  professional associations, and Columbia specific resources.
  • Check our Events Calendar regularly for the latest on Career Fairs, Industry Showcases, Employer Information Sessions, and Alumni-Student Networking events.
  • LionSHARE - read company and job descriptions in our internship/job database . 

Other Recommended Online Resources

Other Techniques for Learning More About Organizations

Informational interviewing, or initiating conversations with people in organizations and positions of interest to you, is a great way to obtain ‘insider’ information. For tips on how to arrange, conduct, and follow up on an informational interview, refer to the Networking section of the Career Planning Guide.


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