Consultants work with clients to provide support around a range of strategic and/or operational issues. The tasks performed range from conducting detailed industry analyses, to benchmarking comparable organizations, to devising key strategic initiatives. Consulting firms can have a specific industry focus or serve a variety of industries. While rewarding, consulting is also a competitive and demanding field. Most consultants travel a lot and often work long hours. It is important to consider the costs and benefits of a demanding profession before diving into consulting.

Industry Insights

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Focus Areas in Consulting

Here are some possible job paths you could consider in Consulting:


Provide expertise and advice to businesses, government agencies, and other organizations on a wide range of energy issues.


Provide advice to companies and other organizations on a wide range of environmental issues such as sustainability, green manufacturing, and compliance.


Provide expertise and advice on a wide range of financial issues such as capital budgeting, profit-and-loss reporting, risk management and insurance engagements, and global finance operations.


Provide expertise and advice on a wide range of health care issues such as practice management, information technology, and regulatory compliance.

Human Resources

Provide advice on staffing, recruiting, training, compensation and benefits programs, diversity initiatives, and other human resources issues.

Information Technology

Help clients design and implement IT systems or develop better IT practices; provide strategic advice on social media and IT issues; train staff members working in IT areas.


Analyze business or operating procedures to devise the most efficient methods of accomplishing work; provide clients with advice on business operations, strategy, and other topics.


Help politicians promote themselves and their issues among voters.

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