Non-profits are tax-exempt organizations whose money or “profit” must be used solely to further their charitable or educational mission, rather than distribute profits to owners or shareholders as in the for-profit sector. Within the non -profit category there are many types of organizations, which can be characterized and differentiated by their approach and purpose.

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Focus Areas in Non-Profit

Here is a sample list of applied areas in this industry:

Charities and foundations

Charities are organizations or institutions that provide help to people in need. Charities may be focused on a particular need, such as healthcare, the environment, civil rights or children. Foundations are institutions or organizations that have been created by an endowment. Sometimes foundations donate to or finance other organizations; other times, they may support their own charitable activities. 

community development and advocacy

Community development or advocacy groups advocate around a particular issue or concern.  Advocacy organizations often receive the majority of their funding from individuals, corporations, and foundations.

health services

This industry is comprised of a vast range of professions.  Many of these fields are specialized and require additional studies. Professions including dentistry, physician, nursing, and physical therapy among many others.

non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

These organizations can be any type of non-profit organization that exists without the involvement or representation of any government.  NGOs may address a variety of issues, including civil and human rights, healthcare, environmental protection, peace and economic development. 

social or human services

Social Work is often referred to as a helping profession. This work is grounded in empathy, care, and transformation with individuals, groups, families or organizations.  Some focus areas include promoting wellness, treating substance abuse, addressing family violence and providing support for emotional distress.

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