Below, you will find customized job search resources only available to students and alumni we serve.

By clicking on the links below, you may log-in with your UNI and password to gain access to these top-level career resources. Normally, these are fee-based services. However, we have partnered with these external agencies to offer them to you for FREE! 

This is only accessible to students and alumni of the following schools:

  • Columbia College
  • The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science — Undergraduate Level
  • School of General Studies
Big Interview
Big Interview is an online platform that can help you prepare for both virtual and in-person interviews and gain confidence in your skills. You can record yourself answering hundreds of behavioral interview questions based on your selected industry, role, skills, and competencies. There is also a random roulette of interview questions to help you improve answering questions on the spot. Big Interview also offers a library of interview training videos. These videos provide insight into interviewing best practices.
Going Global
GoinGlobal is one of the best online resources available for learning about transnational opportunities, foreign hiring practices, and domestic, city-specific employment information. This database addresses topics for students and provides a variety of tools to explore their careers. Country Career Guides: Packed with country-specific career information, this research tool provides expert advice...
Management Consulted
Management Consulted is an industry-leading resource for consulting career prep and professional interview practice. Featuring a library of resources including over 600 cases, 10,000 case drills, 12 industry primers, and 9 video courses, Management Consulted is a one-stop-shop for your skill-building needs, ranging from pre-professional training to mid-career development. Students will have the...
UniWorld provides Columbia Students with two distinct directories to assist you with your international job search, offering: American firms operating in foreign countries and Foreign firms operating in the United States. Explore Uniworld now!
Vault logo
Job seekers and professionals have discovered that Vault (formerly known as Firsthand) is the Internet’s ultimate destination for insider company information, advice, and career management services. Through Vault , students receive FREE access to the following services: Career Research - Vault’s award-winning career guides, including interview strategies, job-search tips, and full-length...
What Can I Do With
What Can I Do With This Major? will help you begin to connect majors to careers. Learn about: some of the industries and types of employers where you can apply your skills and knowledge developed in the classroom strategies you can use to make yourself a more marketable candidate for specific industries Each major page also provides resources for more research and exploration. Through the search...