We look forward to partnering with you as you explore career options or continue your professional development! CCE offers resources and services tailored to you, including: 

  • Career Advising & Skill Development Programs
  • Connections to Employers & Alumni 
  • Jobs & Internships

We’re here to guide you through each step of the process. On this page, read about the many resources available to you as a student veteran:

  • find employers who value military experience
  • create a ‘civilian-friendly’ resume
  • connect with a mentor
  • join networking organizations 

3 Key Resources for Networking and Mentoring

Connect with your peers, employers, and alumni early and often to build relationships and learn about potential career paths. Start here: 

  • U.S. Military Veterans of Columbia University (MilVets).  Join the MilVets student group to connect with a community of student veterans at Columbia University to access club resources, career opportunities, and social support!
  • American Corporate Partners:  ACP will connect you with a mentor and networking opportunities to meet business professionals from a variety of industries @ACPUSA.
  • FourBlock: Connect with other student-veterans and develop networking skills. This career readiness program for Post 9/11 veterans equips you with tools to build connections to open paths to the best careers possible for you. @FourBlock.

Columbia Resources for Student Veterans

Develop a “Civilian-Friendly” Resume

We’ll help you to adapt your resume language to compete for jobs and internships outside of the military.  Use these tools to translate your military experience and military occupation codes (MOC) into civilian terms:

  • Center for Career Education: We’ll guide you to identify qualities and skills from your military work experience that will appeal to employers. Come in and see how we can support you.  
    • Discover how to pursue your career interests
    • Learn how to get started on a job or internship search
    • Talk through how to write a cover letter
    • Have your resume reviewed
    • Practice interviewing
  • Sample Columbia student veteran’s resume: View a sample resume from a Columbia student veteran, Brendan Weaver, on page 24 of CCE’s Career Planning Guidebook.
  • O Net Online:   Identify keywords to help you write effective bullet statements. Enter your Military Occupation Code into Crosswalk Search to translate your military assignment into a civilian occupation. 
  • Real Warriors: Step-by-step information on how to create a civilian resume.
  • Veterans Employment Center: Use tools from the Department of Veterans Affairs to learn about job titles and qualifications, translate military skills, and start to build your resume.

Disabilities and the Workplace

In addition to Disability Services at Columbia University, check out these national organizations to connect with opportunities, resources, and information.  

  • Lime Connect: Prepare for and connect to scholarships, internships, and full-time careers. Lime Connect works with corporate partners to rebrand disability through achievement @LimeConnect.
  • Warriors to Work: Match your skills and experience to the needs of hiring managers through this career support program of the Wounded Warrior Project.

Job Search Resources — General

  • LionSHARE: Our online database is available exclusively to students and alumni served by the Center for Career Education (CCE).  
    • Fill out your profile and career interests to see relevant opportunities.
    • Sign up for career fairs and other events to meet employers & alumni, develop skills or explore interests.
    • Find out when employers will be on-campus for information sessions, industry showcases, career fairs or on-campus interviews.
    • Read about specific organizations in the company directory.
    • Search internship and job postings.
  • Career One Stop Veteran and Military Transition Center: One-stop website for employment, training and financial help. Use the Military-to-Civilian Job Search tool to find jobs based on skills and experiences you gained in the military.
  • Hire Heroes USA: Job postings and resoources to empower veterans to succeed in the civilian workforce. Partner organizations offer free training opportunities or scholarships for training programs
  • HirePurpose: Job postings and career advice from veterans with civilian recruiting experience.  See the related site Task & Purpose for additional articles on news, culture, and entertainment for the veterans community. @HigherPurposeJobs
  • Military-Civilian Career Coaching Connection (MC4): Private LinkedIn group for 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring on transition to civilian life and careers.
  • Mynextmove.org: Investigate career possibilities and identify job titles. Explore with keywords, browse industries, or search by military classification code.

Job Search Resources — Veteran-Friendly Employers

CCE Veteran Career Fair Tours

In partnership with the GS Veterans Initiative, CCE leads guided tours for student veterans one hour before the Undergraduate Career Fair (early in Fall semester) and the Spring Career Fair.  The Veteran Career Fair Tours are an educational opportunity to:

  • meet employers before the fair starts
  • get tips on how to best approach employer tables 
  • learn how to highlight skills gained through your military & academic experiences 

You will also gain early access to the career fair. Please sign up in advance. Contact gsvets@columbia.edu for information.

Veterans Hiring Initiatives

In addition to the resources listed below, many organizations have Veterans hiring initiatives.  Search employer websites for “veteran” or check their diversity pages.  

Creative Resources

  • Arts in the Armed Forces: AITAF honors the military by engaging, inspiring, and educating them through exposure to the power and service of the performing arts. @AITAF
  • Combat Paper New Jersey Community-based art practice which conducts transformative paper-making workshops, teaching veterans how to make paper from uniforms.  @CombatPaperNJ
  • VeteranArtistProgram: Foster, Encourage and Promote Veteran Artists. Propelling veterans into the mainstream creative arts community through networking, mentorship, collaborations, and original productions. @VetArtistProg
  • Veterans in Film and Television: Networking organization that unites current and former members of the military working in the film and television industry. @VFTLA
  • The Veterans Writing Project:  Provides no-cost writing seminars and workshops for veterans, service members, and military family members. So what’s your story? O-Dark-Thirty is the literary journal of the Veterans Writing Project @VeteransWriting.

Community & Community Service Projects 

  • Team Rubicon: Provides our veterans with three things they lose after leaving the military: a purpose, gained through disaster relief; community, built by serving with others; and self-worth, from recognizing the impact one individual can make. Connect on Facebook and Twitter @TeamRubicon.
  • The Mission Continues: Offers the opportunity for veterans and civilians to give back to their community in a collective effort, through one day projects or a long-term action-oriented service programs.  Join one of the three platoons in New York @missioncontinue.
  • GotYourSix: Campaign that unites veteran-focused nonprofit, Hollywood, and government partners to empower veterans and strengthen communities across the country. DC | LA | NYC @GotYourSix
  • Task & Purpose: News and culture site covering news, culture, and entertainment for the military and veterans community. Affiliated with HirePurpose career advice, counseling and job postings. @TaskandPurpose

Recommended Books