Startups are companies in the early stages of development characterized by their entrepreneurial spirit. Many startups are technology-based and often begin with a high level of outside investment.  They are typically designed to offer a product or service that doesn’t currently exist or doesn’t exist in the most effective way. They represent a possibility of tremendous pay-off, but many startups falter before creating much wealth for their employees.

Despite the risks, startups present an attractive opportunity to build skills and cultivate networks. Many entrepreneurs will tell you that networking is the key to uncovering opportunities at startup organizations as interns and full time hires are brought in on an ‘as needed’ basis. Working as an intern is the best way to get a foot in the door. 

Industry Insights

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Focus Areas in the Start-Up Industry

Here is a sample list of applied areas in this industry:

software developer/engineer

These team members are responsible for developing the code needed to run the software program.  They include frontend and backend engineers.  Often on the same team, you’ll find engineers focused on UX and the consumer interface.


Salespeople are in place to do exactly what the title suggests:  sell the product.  They are typically on the phone, email or knocking on doors for the majority of their day promoting the company and product and locking down deals.  A highly motivated, goals driven individual will do well in this role

business development

 Different from the Sales role, a business developer seeks to network and develop relationships with potential partners for the long term.  They are excellent with people, see the vision of the company and know how to communicate value.

marketing specialist

This role involves a commitment to showcasing the product or service of the company in the best light possible.  Often using social media as a starting point, the Marketing role is responsible for executing innovative methods of communication to get the company and product brand into the appropriate marketplace.

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