Timelines and tips on preparing for full-time and internship recruiting in tech

Our employer team has been speaking with our tech employers and we’ve compiled what they had to say about their hiring plans and processes for the 2023-2024 recruiting cycle.

Check out the latest information about recruiting timelines below and read on for strategies and resources for staying current about recruiting at specific firms, preparing your applications, and getting ready for interviews. 

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Recruiting Timelines 2023-2024


For larger companies, internships and early-career roles are expected to be posted in late summer and extend through the fall semester. This is a good time to look in LionSHARE and on company websites. Please note that internships and full-time roles at smaller companies and startups tend to occur during the spring semester; however, you may also see positions posted year-round on an as-need basis.

WRAP-UP BY late winter/early spring

The entire recruiting cycle for tech roles is expected to wrap up between January and March.


If you’re looking for a non-technical role in the tech space, many of those will start to be posted around the beginning of spring semester. The recruiting cycle for Product Management, HR, Marketing, or U/X Design tends to come a little later than the tech-focused positions. 


Tech companies are not the only organizations that hire candidates for tech roles. Companies in all industries are recruiting interns and recent graduates with strong technical skills. Depending on the size and focus of the organization, recruiting for technical positions may happen on an as-needed basis or may align with the timeline of larger tech firms. Be aware that recruiting for tech roles at finance and consulting firms may align more closely with the timelines for those industries.

Staying Current About Recruiting at Specific Firms

Here are a few ways to stay up-to-date on trends in recruiting and learn company-specific hiring information.

  • Develop a target list of employers by talking to peers, alumni, and professionals in the field and/or searching job boards, LinkedIn, LionSHARE, and company websites. Think about what you are looking for and research employers
  • Check for company-specific recruiting events on LionSHARE, as well as company websites, event pages, or social media.
  • Favorite companies on LionSHARE, tech job boards, and LinkedIn. 
    • On  LionSHARE, you can review and apply for jobs and internships, participate in on-campus interviewing, and see and RSVP for information sessions and recruiting events.  Also, you can review company profiles on LionSHARE and note any recruiter contact information.  If you have questions that you can’t find answers to on company websites, you can reach out to recruiters directly.   
      • Note: Not every employer will post positions in LionSHARE. Some employers may post positions only on their own platforms. 
  • Be aware that many large tech organizations such as Google, Meta, Amazon, and Microsoft have dedicated websites for interns and early-career candidates. These sites often include detailed information about available opportunities and the hiring process. 
  • Make a profile on each company’s careers page or student careers page and sign up for alerts about the type of position that you’re seeking. Some companies will only post positions on their own website.



Application Tips


 Apply sooner (as soon as you are ready) rather than later for any rolling deadlines to increase your chances.


Ensure that your application materials, including your resume and cover letter (if required), are updated and tailored to each position. Feel free to schedule a career counseling appointment to build your skills to create or improve your internship or job application materials. 

Resume resources:


Interview Process

The interview process is similar for internships and full-time positions. Each organization has its own version of a multi-tiered process, so be prepared to engage in a number of assessments and interviews.

Here are some common elements in tech recruiting:

  • Technical Assessment: After the application, you may receive an invitation to participate in a preliminary assessment activity. This may be some sort of coding assignment, project, or evaluation.
  • Recruiter Screen: You may be asked to speak to a recruiter before or after a tech screen. The recruiter will likely ask more traditional and behavioral interview-type questions including asking about your interest in the role and company. 
  • Technical Screen: Anticipate speaking to someone on the team you might be working on, so they can assess some of your technical skills. This may take the form of a phone screen or a more formal interview.
  • Final Interviews: Count on some version of the final interview(s) where you will engage with various teams and managers. You may be participating in a number of different interview formats throughout the day. 

The entire process could take 3-6 weeks, especially during the very structured recruiting season from September – October, and if the organization has multiple stages in the process.

Interview Preparation

We have many resources to help you prepare for an interview, including:


Connect with us to prepare for recruiting season

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