One of the benefits of working in government is that there are positions in every field and location. You can make a difference and still maintain work/life balance. Often, people in the field want to have a significant impact on the lives of others and care about good governance. They are optimistic “change agents” balanced by a sense of realism and practicality. Government professionals understand that changes can come in small and large measures. 

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Focus Areas in Government

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Work in the Federal Government requires a demonstrated interest in serving the public. There are many interests and skills that can be put to good use in a multitude of areas within the public sector, so it is important for an individual to have a direction in mind at the federal level. A focus on a particular population, service or agency will help keep goals clear.  

Local and State

The path to positions in the public sector is not always clear or straightforward. Often, an individual will begin their career as an intern or volunteer. The important thing to remember is to keep an open mind. It might be advantageous to take a position with an agency or departments which differs from your original plan.   


Whether it is working for a political party, a politician, a candidate, or the advancement of a particular issue, there are many opportunities to get involved in politics. Political work includes people from a wide variety of backgrounds including IT, creative writing, media, film, and more.


If you have the desire to influence decisions within political, economic and social systems, and a drive to yield tangible results, a career in advocacy might be a fit. Community development or advocacy groups advocate around a particular issue or concern, and positions are often in the fields of law, public relations, and communications.

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