We can work with you to help you design your next steps. This might include thinking about your career options, preparing for a job or internship search, seeking to build connections, or considering ways to gain experience.

Our Career Development Model

The process of developing a career plan is not a linear one, in fact you will go through various stages of the model below at the same time. Use this as a guide to think about your current needs and learn about how we can help as you design your next steps.


Develop self-awareness of your identities, preferences, strengths, and interests. Learn about potential career options to inform choices in your academic life, clubs and activities, and your job search. We aid your exploration through:

  • career counseling to help you think about your interests and career options
  • industry exploration resources
  • employer and alumni events
  • major-to-career resources
  • career pathways series for PhDs


Create tailored resumes and cover letters, practice interviewing skills, build a professional online presence, research employers, and develop a plan of action for your search. We support you through:

  • career counseling to get ready for the job and internship search
  • practice interviews with career counselors and alumni
  • tailored career skills workshops
  • Clothing Closet


Grow your network of support with peers, faculty, alumni, and other industry professionals to gather information and advice. We support you in building connections through:

  • career fairs, industry showcases and site visits
  • networking events such as alumni dinners and panels
  • alumni mentors through CCE-sponsored programs
  • practice interviews with alumni
  • LinkedIn workshops and profile reviews
  • career counseling on networking strategy and informational interviewing


Pursue opportunities like student clubs, internships, jobs, research, volunteering, and/or activities to develop skills, connections, and insight on your preferences, workplace etiquette, and potential career options. We support you in gaining experience  through:

  • CCE-sponsored internship and externship programs
  • LionSHARE and On-Campus Interviews
  • career fairs and industry showcases
  • career counseling on job/internship search strategies, navigating the workplace, and maintaining balance
  • funding programs for unpaid/low paid experiences