Do you need to make a career counseling appointment or register for an event? Do you have questions about on campus interview access? The questions and answers below will guide you in the right direction.

Questions about Center for Career Education Services

What schools does the Center for Career Education serve?

CCE provides services to students and alumni of the following schools:

Are services available to students on leave, suspended students, or visiting students?

Students on leave for non-disciplinary reasons keep access to CCE’s services. This includes career counseling, events, and LionSHARE. Students that are suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons or that permanently leave before graduation lose all access to CCE’s services. Students suspended for disciplinary reasons will regain access to CCE services once readmitted to the University. Visiting students do not have access to CCE with one exception. Please see Visiting Students page for details.

My school is not served by CCE, how can I FInd out more information ABOUT careers?

We suggest checking with your school’s career center:

Questions about LionSHARE

how can i access LIONSHARE?

All students enrolled in a degree program in one of the schools served by CCE are eligible for LionSHARE upon the first day of classes. Alumni keep access to LionSHARE. Learn more about LionSHARE by reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions. Contact our Employer and Alumni Relations team about technical difficulties or for additional information at (212) 854-9167 or via our Contact form. Include your UNI and a brief description of your issue.

how can i Take ParT in on campus recruiting (OCR)?

On Campus Recruiting (OCR) includes On Campus Interviews (OCI), information sessions, career fairs, and industry showcases. Before participating in OCR, students should review the online On-Campus Interview (OCI) video, review the Policies and Procedures, and agree to terms of usage.

Questions about Events

where can i search and register for events?

Learn about workshops, information sessions, career fairs, industry showcases, and more on our calendar. You can also view events in LIONSHARE under Events. We suggest bringing your student ID card to any event.

How do I Cancel my Registration?

 To cancel, click the “Leave Event” button. Please do so within 24 hours of the event unless otherwise specified.

Questions about Career Counseling

Do you offer drop-ins?

CCE offers Quick Questions, 10-minute drop-in sessions, for currently enrolled students.

How do I schedule a career counseling appointment or practice interview?

To schedule a career counseling appointment, log into LionSHARE. Then select “Career Center” on the top right-hand corner and choose “Appointments”. 

How do I cancel or reschedule a career counseling appointment?

  • To cancel a career counseling appointment, log into LionSHARE. Then select “Career Center” on the top right-hand corner, and choose “Appointments”. Under your list of upcoming appointments, click on your appointment. Then click the “cancel appointment” button. If you would like to reschedule to another time, you can return to the main appointments screen and click on “schedule a new appointment”. 

  • The first time you do not show up for your appointment, you will receive a warning but still maintain access to career counseling.

  • If this happens a second time, you will lose access to career counseling appointments for the remainder of the semester. 

May my parents attend my career counseling session? 

  • If you would like your parent/guardian to be involved with your career counseling session, you must first sign and submit this consent form to your career counselor. Please note that our general practice, once you grant consent, is to hold the career counseling session with you and speak with your parent/guardian separately.