Columbia University, a world-renowned Ivy League institution based in New York City, boasts an illustrious 250 year history, an impeccable record of academic excellence and an extensive roster of distinguished alumni and faculty.  Read on to hear more about exactly what makes the student community that we serve so special. 


Columbia University Schools

The Center for Career Education serves over 16,000 currently enrolled students and all alumni of the following schools:

Additional Columbia University Schools not served by the Center for Career Education are listed below. Each link leads to the Career Center website for that school (where applicable).

Student Population

Columbia’s community is a rich mosaic of people learning and living together in one of the world’s great cities. Students are encouraged to share their voice and learn from their peers, cultivating an eclectic and inclusive environment on campus. The University’s Office of Planning and Institutional Research publishes a full report of statistics and facts around Columbia’s student population, including admissions and enrollment data as well as information around degrees awarded in the most recent academic year. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions (Columbia College, Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences) also publishes a comprehensive Columbia by the Numbers, with further University and Student statistics.

The Center for Career Education (CCE) remains committed to offering a range of programming that provides Columbia University students the opportunity to explore diverse industries and experience the global economy firsthand. In doing so, we work towards fulfilling our mission of helping students pursue their personal and professional goals. The results of the CCE Graduating Students’ Survey provide further insights into where our students go after graduation.

Student Organizations

Beyond the programming offered by CCE, Columbia University students participate in close to 500 student clubs, organizations, and initiatives, which can be found in LionLink.

Areas of Study

Columbia faculty, students and research are making a difference all over the world through groundbreaking initiatives such as the Earth Institute, the Committee on Global Thought, The Center for International History, The Institute for War and Peace Studies, The Center for the Study of Human Rights and the World Leaders Forum. The University supports dozens of research centers all over the world and on every continent. Award-winning faculty teach our students, serve as mentors and advisers and are world renowned intellectuals, visionaries, researchers, artists, and public figures.

Additionally, Columbia boasts the most comprehensive area-studies program in the country. Our students benefit from the academic programs and discourse generated by Columbia’s eleven regional institutes and centers.

Please contact CCE to learn more about engaging with students from the schools that the Center for Career Education serves.