Frequently Asked Questions


What schools does the Center for Career Education serve?

CCE provides comprehensive career education programming to students and alumni of the following schools:

What services does CCE offer?

We offer career counseling, a wide variety of career workshops, panels, and speakers throughout the academic year, all of which are listed on our Events Calendar and access to employers and jobs and internships through our database LionSHARE, internship programs, and career fairs.

Students on Leave from the University for non-disciplinary reasons retain access to CCE's services including counseling, events, and LionSHARE. Students must be currently enrolled at the university to participate in CCE sponsored internship programs and CCE administered funding programs. With respect to LionSHARE, students should review job descriptions carefully as many employers require enrollment at the university to be eligible for their positions.

Students suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons or if they permanently leave before graduation lose all access to CCE's services. Students suspended for disciplinary reasons will regain access to CCE services once readmitted to the University.

Visiting Students do not have access to CCE with one exception. Please see Visiting Students page for details.

With respect to Career Counseling - Students are invited to meet briefly with a Career Counselor during CCE's 'Quick Question' Hours. These are held from 1:00PM to 4:00PM, Monday through Friday during the fall and spring semesters. (Please note the last Quick Question of the day begins at 3:50PM and ends at 4:00PM. Students who arrive at 4:00PM will not be seen.) In addition, career counseling appointments are available; these sessions are individually tailored and can include general discussion around self-assessment and career exploration, reviews of resumes and/or cover letters, suggestions for job-seeking strategies, etc. We also offer practice interviews and mock case interviews. Students and alumni may only schedule one mock case interview per semester. We recommend that students attend a 'Quick Question' appointment before scheduling a longer counseling appointment.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment, please call (212) 854-5609 or make an appointment in person at the Center for Career Education. Unfortunately, we cannot make appointments by email or through our web-site at this time.

How do I register for CCE events/workshops?

On the Events Calendar, click your event and click on the "Register for Event" button. If a "Register for Event" button does not appear next to the event, registration is not required.

Do I need to register for "Power Half-Hour" workshops or for a "Quick Question" appointment?

In both instances, the answer is no.  Power Half-Hour workshops are 30 minute workshops designed to introduce the basic skills of a career search. Topics include resumes, interviewing, job search techniques, LionSHARE, and networking. These workshops are held during the first few weeks of each semester and take place in the CCE conference room.  Power Half Hour recordings are also available on the CCE Webinar & Video Library.  The workshop schedule is available on our Events Calendar.

Quick Question appointments are available daily from 1:00-4:00pm in the Center. (Please note the last Quick Question of the day begins at 3:50PM and ends at 4:00PM. Students who arrive after 3:50 will not be seen.) They are intended to address quick questions, often focused on resumes, cover letters, or interviewing questions. No prior appointment is required. However, during certain times of the year wait times can be lengthy, so students are encouraged to plan ahead. Please note that Quick Question hours are not held over the summer or on days when the University is closed.

How do I access LionSHARE?

Students of the schools served by CCE are eligible for LionSHARE upon their first day of classes and as alumni can access LionSHARE here. If you experience technical difficulties with LionSHARE, please send us an email at with your UNI and description of your issue, or call (212) 854-9167. If you forgot your password or need it to be reset, please contact CUIT.

I can't access LionSHARE's On Campus Recruiting section?

If you currently attend Columbia College, the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, the School of General Studies, the School of the Arts, or the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, you must take the Online training here or attend a Power Half Hour to participate in the On Campus Interview Program (OCI). Please allow up to 48 business hours for your access level to change. If there are any issues, please email or call Employer and Alumni Relations at (212) 854-9167.

If you attend another Columbia University school you are not eligible to use LionSHARE-OCR only the Job Posting section of LionSHARE. Please contact your school's Career Center for further information about job opportunities.

LionSHARE won't allow me to submit my resume for an open position-what do I do?

First, you need to ensure your LionSHARE profile is up-to-date. You must have your correct GPA, expected graduation date, degrees obtained, major, work status, etc updated on your profile. If an employer has required a minimum GPA to apply for an interview and you do not meet those requirements, you will not be able to submit your resume. In addition, some employers will only accept resumes from students with a specific level of education (i.e., only undergraduates, or only a particular time period away from graduation). Please be certain to read all employer qualifications to ensure you are eligible for the position.

How do I cancel an appointment with one of CCE's Career Counselors?

So that we can offer the greatest number of available appointments we request that if you cannot make an appointment that you call us at 212.854.5609 to cancel or reschedule by the close of business (5pm Monday through Friday) one business day before your appointment so that we have enough time to schedule another student or alumni for your appointment slot. As you might imagine, our appointment slots are in high demand and there can be a wait time for our counseling services. As a result, we have established policies to ensure we can meet the needs of as many students/alums that request our services. The first time you cancel your appointment less than one business day in advance or do not show up for your appointment, you will receive a warning but still maintain access to career counseling. If this happens a second time, you will lose access to career counseling appointments for the remainder of the semester (i.e., Fall semester: September 1 – December 31; Spring semester: January 1 – May 31; Summer semester: June 1 – August 31).

We appreciate your respect for our time and services.

How do I cancel an interview with an employer?

You are required to give the CCE's Employer and Alumni Relations team notice of cancellation at least 48 business hours prior to the interview. Any student who fails to give at least 48 business hours notice, and/or does not show up for the interview at the appointed time, will be suspended from the On-Campus Recruiting program. Employer and Alumni Relations can be reached by calling (212) 854-9167.

How do I get information from a missed event/workshop?

If we have handouts or recordings of a career event, they will be located in the CCE Webinar and Video Library section of our website. 

My school is not served by CCE, how can I find out more information regarding careers?

We suggest checking with your school's own career center as the first step in learning more about careers and potential opportunities.  Additional career centers within Columbia include:

Are there any additional resources beyond CCE available to students?

There are many other groups and offices which service Columbia Students including the following: