What is LionSHARE?

  • LionSHARE, powered by Handshake, is an online database available exclusively to students and alumni served by the Center for Career Education (CCE).
  • LionSHARE includes job and internship postings, opportunities to interview with employers on-campus, information on career fairs and other on-campus employer events.
  • This is one of the many services and resources available to students and alumni.  

Access and Login

LionSHARE user policies

  • User must be currently enrolled in or a graduate of one of the schools served by CCE
  • User may only access their own account.  User may not allow any other person to access their LionSHARE account
  • User must accurately represent their academic and professional achievements as well as personal history on their LionSHARE profile, resume(s) and any other documentation


LionSHARE versus Handshake

LionSHARE is the recruiting platform accessible to Columbia University students and alumni that we serve, and is supported by the Handshake platform. 

Students and alumni can search and apply to jobs and internships, on campus employer recruiting, and learn about companies and organizations of interest.

Who can access LionSHARE?

LionSHARE is accessible to students and alumni enrolled in degree programs attending one of the following schools: Columbia College, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, and School of General Studies.

Visiting students attending Columbia College or The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science may be eligible for access to LionSHARE job postings, though not additional services or resources.

Students and alumni attending a Columbia University school not served by us are encouraged to contact their school’s career center

How do I access LionSHARE or Reset my Password? 

Access LionSHARE with your UNI and Columbia email password at  www.careereducation.columbia.edu/LionSHARE. Incoming students attending a school we serve become eligible for LionSHARE within the first week of classes.

To manage your UNI or password, visit Columbia University Information Technology’s “Manage My UNI” or call (212) 854-1919.


Profile and Applying to Postings

How do I edit my profile fields?

Directly edit all profile fields in the My Profile tab by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner of your home page.  You have the option to build your profile by uploading your resume under the Documents sub-tab. We suggest that students update their profile information at the beginning of each semester.

How do I make sure my profile is “complete”?

We recommend using the LionSHARE profile checklist to complete your profile.

What do I do if it’s my first semester at Columbia and I don’t have a GPA or transcript?

All new students in their first semester at Columbia should include the GPA from their most recently attended school (e.g. high school or undergraduate university). If a job posting requires an unofficial transcript, include your unofficial transcript in Word or PDF from your previous school. At the end of your first semester when you have your final course grades and a GPA, update your profile information and documents under Documents.

How can I change the locked profile fields like degree, Columbia school, primary education and account email?

Profile fields that are locked and cannot be changed include Columbia school attending/ed, Degree Level, and email used to create your account. Contact us if there is an issue with any of these fields.

The Primary Education tag will always be applied to your current or most recent enrollment at a Columbia school we serve. Other education information (previously-earned degrees or certifications, for example) can be added in addition to your Primary Education.

What does the option to make my profile/documents public or visible mean?

You choose whether to make your profile information visible (public) or hidden to employers. A visible profile allows for employers to search for your profile. This also applies to choosing if you want some, all or none of your documents to be visible to employers. Only application documents you select when applying to an individual job posting will be viewed by that employer. It is recommended that if you elect to make your profile public or visible for employers to view that you also make a basic or default resume public to supplement the information reflected in your profile.

How do I upload application documents like my resume and unofficial transcript?

All documents should be uploaded and managed in the Documents sub-tab under your name in the top right hand corner.  Under each document section such as “Resumes” and “Transcripts,” upload your document(s) in Word or PDF format and label them for your knowledge. To upload your unofficial transcript, go to your SSOL to take a screenshot or copy and paste your unofficial transcript into a Word or PDF format document to upload into LionSHARE.

If you are having trouble uploading your documents, try using a different internet browser such as Google Chrome.

How can I search for On Campus Jobs?

Some Columbia University schools and departments post on campus jobs in LionSHARE, but not all. You can contact Columbia departments or offices of interest directly to ask whether they have available on campus jobs and how to apply. To search for on campus positions posted in LionSHARE, go to Jobs and select  “On Campus.”

Can I apply to job postings if I don’t meet all of the position qualifications?

Yes, you may apply to job postings even if you do not meet all of the employer selected criteria or qualifications. Employers view two application sections: one is for applications that match all of preferences and the other is for applications that do not match all preferences.   It is important to be mindful before you apply to positions without meeting the prefered qualification. Employers specifically select certain criteria to inform prospective applicants of the preferred qualifications they are seeking to hire for the posted job opportunity. 

How do I view or update my job application?

All applications can be reviewed under Jobs, then Applications. Job applications can be edited only if the posting deadline has not passed. To edit an application, go to your Applications to withdraw the application then re-apply to the same job posting with your updated application. 

What does it mean when a job posting requires applying through “your school’s portal”?

Your school’s portal is LionSHARE. Applying through your school’s portal simply means to submit your application through LionSHARE. Review all job postings carefully to make sure you submit your application correctly. If an employer requests applicants also apply on their company or organization website, students should still submit their application through LionSHARE. If the job posting does not specify how to apply, this means that you should only apply through LionSHARE and not elsewhere. 



Where can I see all of our events like career fairs, industry showcases, information sessions and workshops?

Learn about all our events including workshops, information sessions, career fairs and industry showcases on the CCE calendar or in LionSHARE’s Events section. Review all event details and note the target audience suggested by the employer before registering or attending an event. 

Where can I learn about policies on fraudulent employers? 

We perform a review and approval process for employers and postings in LionSHARE. Employers are provided our policies and procedures, which includes information on equal opportunity and non-discrimination, salary transparency, and unpaid internships. However, we encourage students and alumni to report to us immediately any LionSHARE employers or postings that seem concerning, questionable, or fraudulent at cce@columbia.edu. 


Additional resources and information to guide your use of LionSHARE can be accessed on the Handshake Support Platform.  Contact Handshake support by emailing support@joinhandshake.com. 

Contact CCE with any LionSHARE or OCR questions at cce@columbia.edu.