We have created a wealth of resources to assist you in your career development, including how-to guides, samples and advice on resumes, cover letters, negotiating, interviewing skills and more!  Use these pages to learn essential tips and strategies to help you navigate your job or internship search.

Your resume or CV is often a hiring manager’s first point of contact with you. Resumes and CVs represent you on paper, and showcase why you’re right for a position. A resume is a...
Why are cover letters important, and how can you write them well? Use our resources to learn how to structure your cover letter, determine what to include, and connect your experience to the employer...
Like any skill, interviewing is something that can be improved with practice. Check out the resources we’ve put together to help you ace your next interview...
Networking is the process of making connections and building relationships. These connections provide you with knowledge, information, and additional contacts—all of which can help you tap into unadvertised job or internship opportunities.
Negotiation is a fundamental part of business. During the hiring process alone, you will find yourself negotiating your starting salary, the scope of your job responsibilities, your benefits package and more.
Starting a new job and interested in learning how to make the most of your time in the role? Or did you recently complete a position and are trying to make sense of how the experience could shape...
Whether you are new to the world of work or have years of experience behind you, determining your next career move can be a challenging process. Check out our tips for taking the next step in your career, from developing your professional brand or getting a promotion to re-entering the workforce or transitioning into a new industry.

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