The On-Campus Interview program consists of employers who come to campus to conduct first-round interviews with selected students.

It is important to keep in mind that On-Campus Interviews (OCI) is just one resource to use in your career search. Before using the OCI program make sure you are interested in the jobs and companies participating in the program. Employers participating in OCI are primarily large firms with very structured internship or entry-level full-time programs. You will see many finance, consulting, and big technology firms along with some advertising, fashion, not-for-profit, and government employers.

If you do not see companies of interest in OCI, it does not mean they aren’t hiring. Most companies hire “as-needed” and post opportunities in various ways from postings in LionSHARE to tweeting their positions and interview at their offices.


On-Campus Recruiting Policies & Procedures

In order to maximize opportunities for you and preserve the integrity of LionSHARE and the On-Campus Recruiting program (OCR), CCE has developed a set of policies and procedures. Failure to adhere to these expectations may result in a LionSHARE warning, suspension or loss of recruiting privileges. Please watch this OCI Training Video and take a short quiz to learn more about the policies and how to best prepare for on-campus interviews. 

Cancelling or Rescheduling an On-Campus Interview

You are able to cancel an interview at least 2 business days prior to the interview without penalty, you can reschedule an interview timeslot by contacting Employer and Alumni Relations at least 2 business days prior to the interview; however, potential to reschedule is subject to availability.

You should never cancel a first-round OCI for a second-round interview with another employer. Employers participating in OCI are required to give you 72 hours notice of a second round interview and provide an alternate date if the first date represents a reasonable scheduling conflict for the student (including a commitment to a first round interview with another employer on-campus).

Failure to cancel an OCI with at least two business days’ notice or failure to appear at a scheduled interview, significant lateness or renege of an OCI offer acceptance will result in the following actions:

  • First-time cancellation of an on-campus interview or failure to appear: You will receive a warning for the remainder of the semester. If you commit a second violation, you will be immediately suspended from the On-Campus Interview Program for the remainder of the semester.

  • Second-time cancellation of an on-campus interview or failure to appear: You will be immediately suspended from the On-Campus Interview Program for the remainder of the semester.

If you are unable to attend your interview on the day it is scheduled for any reason, you are required to contact Employer and Alumni Relations.

Offer Acceptance Policy - offers received as a result of On-Campus Recruiting

Students have two weeks from the date a written offer letter is received or until the deadlines below, whichever is later, to formally respond to an offer of employment.

• For offers extended following a summer internship or as a result of a fall semester on-campus interview: November 10, 2017 
• For offers extended  as a result of a spring semester on-campus interview: February 23, 2018 


Study Abroad Students

If you go abroad during the fall or spring semester, you are eligible to participate in OCI. You should indicate your study abroad location to employers via your cover letter and resume. If accepted for an OCI, sign up for an interview slot that works with your schedule and notify CCE immediately in order to effectively coordinate your interview with the employer.

Most employers participating in OCI expect you to interview in person. Some are willing to accommodate a remote interview (via phone, Skype, etc.) CCE will work with you and the employer to schedule the interview at a mutually agreed date and time. As a study abroad student, you are required to uphold all OCI policies and procedures.

Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Columbia University is committed to providing a working and learning environment free from unlawful discrimination and harassment. Consistent with this commitment and with applicable federal, state and local laws, it is the policy of the University as both an educational institution and an employer to prohibit unlawful discrimination and harassment and to provide faculty, students, and staff who believe that they may be the victims of either with mechanisms for seeking redress. We recommend that all students, alumni, vendors, and employers engaged in activities with the Center for Career Education review Columbia’s Policies and Procedures on Discrimination and Harassment.

If a student or staff member engaged in an activity sponsored by the Center for Career Education (including but not limited to job listings, workshops, panels, counseling sessions, employer presentations, career fairs, interviews, mentoring, internships, off campus recruiting, and employment) believes that the Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedure may have been violated, he or she is urged to contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, a member of the Columbia University Panel on Discrimination and Sexual Harassment, or the Director of Employer and Alumni Relations for the Center for Career Education.  If the conduct complained of involves a person or persons within the Columbia community, the actions provided for under the Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedure may apply. If the conduct complained of involves, in addition to a member of the Columbia community, a party or parties outside the Columbia community, the Center for Career Education may conduct an inquiry. In the event the Center for Career Education determines that the complained-of conduct occurred or the outside party chooses not to participate in the inquiry, the Center for Career Education may act to sever the relationship between the Center Career Education and/or Columbia University and the outside party or organization.


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