1.  We’re still here and ready to connect over the summer.

It’s officially summer—you made it through this academic year! We know it has been a tough one, so we’re sending you our wishes for lots of rest, recharging, and time for reflection. Whether you’re planning for next academic year or just graduated, we’re here and happy to connect!

Here are some ways we’re here to support over the summer:

  • We’re continuing virtual Quick Questions during summer A on an adapted schedule. Use these 15-minutes drop-in sessions to get a refresher on CCE services, get quick feedback on application materials, or bounce around ideas as you make career decisions. 
  • Career counseling appointments for students and alumni are available throughout the summer. Sessions are a great way to reflect on the year, set goals or check in during a summer internship or job search, or plan ahead.
  • Our virtual library of resources is available to you anytime, even after you’ve graduated.

2. What just happened? Take time to reflect on the past year.

When we thought about what tip of the week we’d want to leave you for the summer, the answer was easy: Reflection

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If summer break means that you have a little more time to invest in yourself, we encourage you to carve out some time for reflection—whether individually, with a trusted friend, or with a career counselor. This might include reflecting on wins and challenges from the past year, thinking about your strengths and what gives you energy, mapping your Columbia journey so far, or daydreaming about possible futures. If you’re doing an internship, summer research, working, volunteering, taking classes, or tackling a project this summer, reflecting as you engage in this experience will help you gain a better sense of what elements of the work you’d like to do more (or less) of in the future.


3. It’s not too late! Here are great virtual summer internship opportunities.
Our Virtual Internship Program still has roles open for this summer! Good news alert: Non-profit roles in our Virtual Internship Program (VIP) are now eligible for a summer stipend up to $5,000. For example, work at iCivics as a Curriculum Intern where you will gain skills in educational pedagogy, graphic design, research, and systems management as you help create and edit new and existing resources… and receive a stipend of up to $5,000!
Check out this and other internship roles that are still available as part of the Virtual Internship Program. 
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4. Summer is a great time to connect with alumni and professionals.

Workplaces sometimes slow down in the summer, but they certainly don’t stop! Employers still engage over this summer. Be sure to check out LionSHARE regularly for upcoming info sessions, networking opportunities, and other events. Employers including Vanguard, Mayo Clinic, and McKinsey already have posted events and expect more to roll in!

Outside of formal events, a great way to connect with professionals and alumni is in informational interviews. Even better, informational interviews have not stopped happening since we’ve been in the virtual space! Virtual is actually a great format for connecting one-on-one to ask questions of someone who has the job you want — location boundaries won’t limit who you can talk to!

Summer is a great time to try out or continue information interviews. We can help you craft an outreach message and think of good questions during our virtual drop-in sessions or career counseling sessions. 

We can also help you perfect your 30-second introduction. Check out our tips on how to build your intro and follow up

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5. Thinking ahead?

Using your time over the summer to get ahead on the applications and deadlines that the fall brings? Excellent! We’ve got some resources for you.


Preparing for the next recruiting season? Get insights for navigating the consulting industry from Insider Info where employers share how you can showcase your skills, tackle the case interview, and build your network.


Planning for fall graduate school applications? Check out our resources on timeline, selecting programs, applications, and how we support in the graduate school planning process.


Featured Opportunities 


Job Title

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NYCLU  Organizing Intern May 23
GrowSquares Web Design Internship May 23
Brand Verge Social Media and Marketing Intern May 31
People’s Television Film Production Internship June 1
Flexit Inc. Video Production Intern June 1

Featured Programs and Resources

Please check back regularly for upcoming CCE events and programs. In the meantime, check in LionSHARE for upcoming employer events and information sessions.