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Please note: Many of these resumes have been adapted from resumes from real students at Columbia University, and they are all one-page resumes. 


The following resumes demonstrate ways to incorporate: 

Clinical Experience

Abigail L. Carpentier

60 Morningside Drive, New York, NY 10027 | alc1111@columbia.edu |

234-456-6789| https://www.linkedin.com/alc111



Columbia University, Columbia College, New York, NY                                                                                  Expected May 2024

Bachelor of Arts, Biology | GPA 3.6
Relevant Coursework: Introductory Biology with lab, Organic Chemistry with lab, Biochemistry, Statistics

University of Cambridge, Newnham College, Cambridge, England, U.K.          September 2022 – June 2023

Columbia College Oxbridge Scholars Program


Lister Institute Summer Studentship                                                                                                         June 2023 – August 2023

University of Cambridge Department of Pathology, Cambridge, England

      •    Investigated Vaccinia virus protein and mechanism by which it degrades host cell proteins in HEK293T and HeLa cells through immunoprecipitation, as part of team of 3 researchers
      •    Created and selected for single and double knock-out clones for genes of interest with CRISPR-cas9
      •    Presented results to 10-person lab and wrote report detailing findings used to further team’s research

Summer College Intensive Program                                                                                                           June 2022 – August 2022

New York–Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, NY
      •    Cared for 10–15 patients per shift in hematology/oncology unit through hourly rounds, fall prevention, and feeding; liaised with physicians and nurses to ensure quality of care
      •    Contributed to weekly discussion groups on cultural competency and public health issues to improve services provided to patients
      •    Accessed alumni mentorship and additional professional development through Columbia University’s Science Technology Engineering Program


Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship                                                                                       May 2021 – August 2021

Columbia University Medical Center Department of Pathology and Cell Biology, New York, NY
      •    Researched communication of loss of mitochondrial DNA in S. cerevisiae in relation to G1/S checkpoint in cell cycle using Western blot assay to quantify phosphorylation
      •    Created and tested seven strains of yeast with deletions for specific proteins
      •    Presented research and final paper in lab meetings and at 4 science symposia



Teaching Assistant, Introductory Biology — Columbia University                                      September 2023 – May 2024
      •    Taught weekly recitation class of 15–20 students; led one-hour lecture, problem-solving session, and Q&A, reinforcing concepts covered by faculty; taught students one-on-one in weekly office hours
      •    Assessed student work by writing and grading quizzes, proctoring exams

Peer Adviser — Office of Global Programs, Columbia University                                         September 2023 – May 2024
      •    Met with approximately 10 students weekly to facilitate targeted exploration of international programs
      •    Marketed and planned events for up to 50 students that promoted value of study abroad experience

Crew Captain and Coxswain — Newnham College Boat Club                                                       October 2022 – June 2023
      •    Led rowing and erg sessions 5–6 times per week for novice and senior boats, coxed several regattas


Language & Computer Skills: Proficient in French and Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
Lab Skills: gel electrophoresis, Western Blotting, cell culture, and CRISPR-Cas9
Interests: Violin, Marathon running (Brasher Place Recipient for London Marathon), Coming-of-age literature, Parkour


Military Experience 

                                                                       BRENDAN WEAVER

549 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10025 •

(212) 716-0964 • bdw102@columbia.edu


Columbia University, School of General Studies, New York, NY

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, GPA: 3.4/4.0                                                                                            Expected May 2024

Related Coursework: Strategy Formulation, Leadership in Organization, Constitutional Law: Presidential-Congressional Relations, Strategic Intelligence/Political Decision Making


NBC Universal, Business Development Intern, NBC News, New York, NY                                                        2023-Present
      •  Develop presentations for news correspondents by conducting research on business consultants providing Hostile Environment Training to journalists broadcasting from dangerous locations
      •  Supervise and maintain news correspondents’ training schedules to ensure successful completion of instructional program
      •  Coordinate and manage NBC Universal’s veteran affinity group events and conferences to strengthen membership base

The New York Times “At War” Blog, Contributor, New York, NY                                                                          2022-Present
      •  Write about experiences and life lessons while serving in the US Army and its role in furthering education

US Army, Airbone Infantry 
Squad Leader in Alpha Company, ⅙9th Infantry, New York National Guard, New York, NY                      2018-2019
      •  Managed and trained a 9-person infantry unit in basic military skills in preparation for possible worldwide deployment
      •  Instructed over 500 soldiers in media relations during unit’s annual summer training

Training Room Noncommissioned Officer in Charge, Ft. Richardson, AK;
Combat Outpost, Afghanistan                                                                                                                                                       2017-2018
      •  Supervised a team of 2 in charge of personnel and communication matters in a 90-person company
      •  Organized company’s paperwork and records ensuring that all files were properly distributed and completed

Charlie Troop Air Noncommissioned Officer in Charge, Combat Outpost, Afghanistan                               2016-2017
      •  Arranged helicopter assets coming into combat outpost to resupply unit and airlift personnel to other locations
      •  Aided helicopter crews and supervised personnel in downloading all military equipment, supplies, and passengers into and out of a combat zone

Airborne Infantryman, C TRP 1-40 Cavalry, Airborne, Ft. Richardson, AK; Baghdad, Iraq                            2013-2016
      •  Deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom from October 2010 to November 2011 as grenadier in a 20-person Scout Reconnaissance Platoon accomplishing an estimated 200 combat missions
      •  Served time as a team leader in charge of 2 additional individuals while in Iraq


Columbia University, Military Veterans Club, New York, NY
Vice President                                                                                                                                                                                 2022-Present
      •  Created and implemented the “Veteran Career Initiative” at Columbia, which included 3 skill-building workshops, 10 employer presentations with a networking component, and 15 recruiting events

Community Service Chair, New York, NY                                                                                                                               2020-2021
      •  Communicated with local service organizations to develop outreach opportunities for the organization’s membership
      •  Coordinated community service involvement including clothing drives, homeless shelter visits, and tutoring for middle school-aged children from disadvantaged backgrounds


East Bronx Futures Academy, New York, NY                                                                                                                 2020-Present
      •  Coach and prepare local teenagers for SAT, ACT, and TACHS examinations
      •  Design and teach individualized science curriculum to a group of 20 high school students

Skills: Spanish fluency; Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
Interests: Distance running, biographical and geopolitical literature, and editing Wikipedia articles

Engineering Experience and Project Work

Devin Jones

0000 Lerner Hall, 2920 Broadway, New York, NY 10027

(917) 123-4567 | dj9876@columbia.edu



Columbia University, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science      

New York, NY — May 2024
Bachelor of ScienceCivil Engineering (Concentration: Construction Management), Architecture Minor, GPA: 3.3
Relevant Coursework: Computer-Aided Structural Design, Principles of Construction Techniques, Dynamics and Vibrations, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Solids, Urban Infrastructure Systems, Architecture Design Studio



Design: AutoCAD, Arichitectural Desktop 2020, Maya 3-D Animation, SAP2000
Computer: Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, MATLAB, ArcGIS Mapping, Adobe Photoshop
Language: Korean (conversational), Japanese (conversational)


Walt Disney/ABC Television Group                                                                                                                                      New York, NY
Facilities & Infrastructure Systems Management Intern                                                               June 2023 – August 2023
      •    Ensured facilities were operated and maintained through demand and preventative maintenance, contract and vendor management, life cycle management of assets, and project and financial management of capital projects
      •    Collaborated with a team of 3 to manage the design and construction phases of chiller installment and sidewalk replacement projects


Martin Horn Inc.                                                                                                                                                                   Charlottesville, VA
Construction Management Intern                                                                                                                       May 2022 – July 2022
      •    Aided Construction Superintendent on $8 million major renovation project at South Slaughter Hall of UVA
      •    Facilitated communication between contractor, subcontractors, architects, specialists, and laborers by completing progress reports, updating change orders, plan changes, and RFI’s
      •    Interpreted and explained plans, contracts, and technical information to workers to support Construction Superintendent
      •    Instructed, supervised, and coordinated on-site construction operations of subcontractors and laborers



Engineers Without Borders-Morocco, Columbia University Chapter                     New York, NY and Ait Bayoud, Morocco

Project Team Lead, Design Team Lead                                                                                                December 2020 – Present
      •    Oversee all engineering aspects of implementing a 225 ft suspended footbridge including: research, design, resourcing, logistics, and construction
      •    Compiled the technical portion of 70-page report on implementing bridge in rural Morocco
      •    Inspect existing bridge conditions, survey for a new bridge site, and personally design a decking implementation system to overcome feasibility problems
      •    Lead team of 6 students to brainstorm, research, and design an innovative wooden deck, synthetic-cable footbridge


AISC-ASCE Student Steel Bridge Competition, Columbia University Chapter                                      New York, NY
Team Member (Designer and Constructor)                                                                                    September 2020 – Present
      •    Designed a 17 ft steel truss bridge using SAP2000 to construct in the spring for the annual competition in April 2016
      •    Fabricate bridge members in Columbia’s Carleton Laboratory and aid in the construction and improvement of the bridge

Architecture, Construction, Engineer (ACE) Mentor Program                                                             Charlottesville, VA
Team Member (Designer)                                                                                                                            January 2019 – May 2019
          Used AutoCAD among team members to design a hypothetical, multi-purpose, 10-story building in Charlottesville


The Society of Women Engineers, Marketing Committee, New York, NY                     September 2019 – Present
          Manage social media content on Facebook and Instagram to promote events and engineering news
      •    Recruit speakers for annual Columbia Women in Engineering conference and market the event to students through social media; increased attendance by 50% over previous year

Research Experience and Campus Leadership Positions 

Katerina Williamson

212-456-7890 • kw12340@columbia.edu



Columbia University, Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science                                   New York, NY

Bachelor of Science: Biomedical Engineering, GPA 3.9                                                                                                 May 2024

Relevant Coursework: Biomedical Engineering Lab II, Solid Biomechanics


Boston University                                                                                                                                                                          Boston, MA

Bachelor of Science: Biochemistry, Dean’s List all semesters                                                        Sep. 2019 — May 2022



Undergraduate Research Assistant                                                                                                                                New York, NY

Biocomplexity Lab, Columbia University                                                                                                        Nov. 2022 –  Present
      •    Collaborated with three colleagues to conduct research on human T-cell activation to improve cellular immunotherapies. 
      •    Reported weekly on updates and findings to the principal investigator. Contributed to a research paper as third author, to be published Fall 2024. 
      •    Used ImageJ and statistical analysis to examine the T cell proliferation profile in order to optimize the physical growth conditions for T cell expansion and improve the success rate of immunotherapies. 

Undergraduate Research Assistant                                                                                                                                  Boston, MA

Khalil Lab, Boston University                                                                                                                                     Sept. – Aug. 2022
      •    Investigated the role of viral proteins on the shape of influenza A virion to obtain and contribute data for an ongoing project. 
      •    Engineered a fluorescent single-chain antibody fragment and built a cell line to knock down M2 viral protein expression.
      •    Handled many logistical needs of the lab including dishwashing, autoclaving, preparing essential buffers, cell line maintenance and purifying antibodies, all of which ensured efficiency and facilitated cooperation in the lab.
      •    Mentored colleagues and trained them on performing lab experiments such as midiprep, FPLC, and lentivirus transfection. 
      •    Updated research progress in lab meetings and created a scientific poster and presented it to 300+ students, faculty and visitors. 



CSPA Convention Assistant                                                                                                                                              New York, NY

Columbia Scholastic Press Association, Columbia University                                                                                Mar. 2023
      •    Welcomed 1500+ delegates (high school students and teachers) to the convention in collaboration with CSPA Convention officials and staff; conducted outreach through flyering and emailing; directed guests in locating conference rooms; organized and distributed classroom materials and handled logistical needs like checking in participants and coordinating audio-visual equipment for speakers.


Columbia University: Office of Residential Programs                                                                                        New York, NY

Resident Adviser                                                                                                                                                  Sep. 2022 – May 2023
      •    Promote intellectual and interpersonal growth for undergraduate residents via community development, peer mentorship, and event organization, including educational and community outreach programs
      •    Resolve time-sensitive resident issues by liaising with university administrators and offices, both when on- and off-duty


Sabor Latin Dance Troupe, Columbia University                                                                                                  New York, NY

Vice President and Dance Performer                                                                                                            Aug. 2021 – Present
      •    Advise president on performance proposals, community initiatives, and future direction for team of 15
      •    Ensure proper budget spending with the help of the treasurer and partake in financial decisions
      •    Negotiate with university administration on space and logistics for performance events and rehearsals
      •    Organize and perform in annual university-wide show; raised $2,333 in revenue for a city-wide service project



Computer: Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word; STATA, Python, Java, MATLAB
Language: Fluent in Spanish
Interests: Latin American Literature, Partner Dancing, Premier League Socce

Campus Involvement and Freelance Work


522 W. 112th St., #43 • New York, NY 10025
jordan.bailey@columbia.edu • (301) 234-5678


Columbia University, Columbia College, New York, NY                                                                         Expected May 2024

Bachelor of Arts in History, Concentration in Middle Eastern Studies
Columbia University Dean’s List (x4), GPA 3.8


Comedy Central, Los Angeles, CA                                                                                                                          June – Aug. 2023

West Coast Talent and Development Intern
      •    Provided thorough coverage on scripts, decks, and pilots submitted to Comedy Central to determine both the quality of the projects and their adherence to the network’s strict brand filters
      •    Served as interim assistant for the network president and numerous VPs: managed high volume of phone calls, sensitive emails, and scheduling

The Federalist (Satirical Newspaper at Columbia University), New York, NY                    Sept. 2020 – May 2023
Co-Editor in Chief, Managing Editor, Layout Editor, Staff Writer
      •    Managed 30+ staff on writing, editing, graphics, and layout to publish daily online and triweekly print publication
      •    Maintained newspaper Facebook page and website, reaching 40,000+ viewers weekly
      •    Designed 6 print issues using Adobe InDesign, INCLUDING an April Fool’s ISSUE that drew 100,000+ online views

Caroline’s on Broadway (Comedy Club), New York, NY                                                                                June– Aug. 2021 
Summer Intern
      •    Collaborated with the talent director and director of publicity primarily in a research capacity, to identify, pitch, book, and promote new talent; assembled press kits for shows, including drafting and editing press releases
      •    Supported club manager on backstage tasks, including publicity, audience seating, and sound/light work



Columbia University Undergraduate Admissions, New York, NY                                                  June 2021 – Present 
Student Ambassador
      •    Provide detailed tours and lead discussions on Columbia campus for select alumni, VIP families, and their children throughout both the summer and academic year
      •    Selected by Senior Advisor to the Dean of Columbia College as one of five students to conduct tours

Columbia University History Department, New York, NY                                                                         June – Aug. 2022
Summer Research Assistant
      •    Conducted research for Pulitzer Prize finalist Dr. Stephanie McCurry on Civil War hero and legislator Robert Smalls, consulting online databases and archives for Congressional reports, news articles, and personal diaries

Present, Past, Future (One-Man Play), West Palm Beach, FL                                                     June 2018 – May 2020
Creator and Performer
      •    Researched, wrote, and performed one-man play about World War II veterans: interviewed 7 D-Day veterans; combined verbatim stories into 5 characters; performed at locations across Palm Beach county
      •    Received letter from Tom Hanks commending performance and efforts


Computer: Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite, social media
Interests: Stand-up comedy (open mics, new talent showcases at Caroline’s, Stand Up NY), bocce, food trucks

Administrative Skills and Film/Arts Experience

Joseph Alan Kempner                                                                                       0101 Lerner Hall, New York, NY 10027 

                                                                                                                                                      jak917@columbia.edu | 642-555-0000



Columbia University, Columbia College                                                                                                                        New York, NY

BA in English & Comparative Literature, 3.4 GPA                                                                                                           May 2025

Relevant Coursework: Statistics, Sociology, Readings in Law & Justice, Literary Texts — Critical Methods

New York University, Tisch School of the Arts                                                                                                         New York, NY

Summer Filmmaker’s Workshop                                                                                                                      Jul. 2020 – Aug. 2020



Columbia University Libraries                                                                                                                                             New York, NY

Circulation Desk Specialist                                                                                                                                    Jan 2023 – Present
      •    Handled 100+ text requests weekly, including monitoring online system and following up on email requests.
      •    Organized physical texts according to appropriate classification systems. 
      •    Delivered on-site support to students for booking room requests, general library questions and in exploring new texts. 


Brooklyn Small Business Development Center                                                                                                        Brooklyn, NY

Administrative Intern                                                                                                                                        May 2022 – May 2023

      •    Maintained primary calendar for office and scheduled consultations between entrepreneurs and business advisors for coaching services.
      •    Processed expenses, documented event attendance, prepared physical materials, and reserved space to contribute to Center’s efficiency.
      •    Grew Facebook and Instagram presence, prepared email campaigns distributed to 5,000+ subscribers, and updated website to improve Center’s marketing initiatives.
      •    Implemented center’s first self-scheduling system, reducing administrative time spent on scheduling by 50%.
      •    Developed crowdfunding campaigns with clients to help support business plans.


Office of Undergraduate Student Life, Columbia University                                                                            New York, NY

Social Programmer for New Student Orientation Program                                                        Feb. 2022 – Aug. 2022
      •    Developed, coordinated and supervised social events for 2,000+ incoming students, including performances, information sessions, tours and a dance party at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.
      •    Supported recruitment and training of 200 orientation leaders and crew chiefs to provide seamless program for incoming students.



Latenite Theatre, Columbia University                                                                                                                        New York, NY

President                                                                                                                                                                     May 2023 – Present
      •    Oversee nine-member executive board and a troupe of 45+ members throughout performance cycle.
      •    Calendar performances, arrange use of facilities, and work with administrative bodies to ensure group compliance.
      •    Lead rehearsals, plan recruitment events and cultivate diverse community with passion for creative experimentation.
      •    Productions: Bohem10n Rhap20dy, Actor (Spring 2019); Late Night at Madame Sequester’s, Writer/Actor (Spring 2018); The Affair of Weathersby Castle, Co-Director (Fall 2017); Peter Peter Pumpkin-Eater, Co-Director (Spring 2017)


Undergraduate Recruitment Committee, Columbia University                                                                     New York, NY

Student Admissions Volunteer                                                                                                                        Dec. 2021 – Present
      •    Lead campus tours, speak on informational panels, and conduct prospective student interviews.



CENTO                                                          Director                                         Columbia University Performing Arts League

Unweaving the Core                             Athena, Narcissus, Suitor     Columbia University Center for the Core Curriculum

The Morning Show Producer           Stage Manager                          Chicago Public High School



Creative Software: Adobe (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop), Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, iMovie Productivity Software: Microsoft (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook), Apple Pages, Google Docs 
Web: Facebook, Twitter, Drupal, Constant Contact, Hootsuite, HTML (basic)
Languages: Proficient in Spanish & French

Dual Degree Student and Community Impact Experience


000 West 110th Street, New York, NY 10025 • (212) 555-1234 • nak001@columbia.edu



Dual Bachelor of Arts Degree Program                                                                                                                              May 2022
Columbia University, School of General Studies, New York, NY
Bachelor of Arts, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies, GPA: 3.9; Dean’s List, Honor Society, Phi Beta Kappa
Sciences Po Paris, Paris, France
Bachelor of Arts, Social Sciences; Middle East and Mediterranean Program with focus on Economics, Summa Cum Laude



Wamda Research Lab, Amman, Jordan                                                                                              June 2020—August 2022 
Research Fellow  
      •    Conducted research through personal interviews and literature review in support of the first major study of entrepreneurship in the healthcare information and technology sector in the Middle East and North Africa region
      •    Enhanced cultural competency, professional communication skills, and industry knowledge on biotechnology through workshops and mentoring
      •    Presented on internship experience to 15 peers as a Tamer Center for Social Enterprise Summer Fellow


Arab-American Family Support Center, Queens, NY                                                                  January 2022—May 2022 
Academic Exchange Fellow
      •    Tutored recent immigrants of secondary school age in high school subjects and test preparation to empower them with the necessary tools for academic success
      •    Discussed current events in Arabic to strengthen Arabic language skills and improve speaking and listening ability

Critical Language Scholarship
sponsored by the US State Department, Rabat, Morocco                                                                 June 2018—July 2018

International Language Scholar
      •    Completed an 8-week Arabic language program in Modern Standard Arabic at AMIDEAST in Rabat, Morocco
      •    Engaged in cultural activities, learned basic Moroccan Colloquial Arabic, and lived with Moroccan host family



Hackley School Alumni and Development Office, Detroit, MI                                                          May 2019—July 2021 
      •    Managed and executed alumni communications strategy by preparing mailings, developing online newsletter content, and proofreading publications
      •    Identified and tracked alumni groups for outreach using fundraising database software Raiser’s Edge and Excel to maximize development efforts
      •    Maintained social media presence for alumni community by class year, on Facebook and LinkedIn


Community Impact, Student Health Outreach, Columbia University, New York, NY         September 2020—May 2021

Student Teacher

      •    Taught nutrition curriculum to sixth grade class at Mott Hall School and introduced students to nutrition concepts including the food groups, serving sizes, diet-related diseases, and the importance of exercise during weekly classes
      •    Developed and improved nutrition curriculum and class materials during weekly meetings with other student-teacher


Columbia University Women’s Rugby Football Club, New York, NY                             September 2020—May 2021

Player, Fundraising Chair (December 2018—December 2018)
      •    Played as a forward at lock position and improved communication, teamwork, and leadership skills
      •    Planned and organized monthly fundraising events as the team’s Fundraising Chair
      •    Strategized team goals and guided team’s direction as a member of Elected Board



Computer: Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook
Languages: Arabic (Certified by American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages in 2015; Jordanian (Basic); Moroccan Colloquial Arabic Dialects (Basic); French (Proficient)

International Business and Consulting Experience

Elizabeth Lee

(212) 555-0649 || Liza.Lee@columbia.edu || 70 Morningside Drive, #2948, New York, NY 10027



Columbia University, Columbia College                                                                                                                         New York, NY
      •    Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy                                                                                                                                        May 2024
      •    Cumulative GPA: 3.82/4.00; SAT: 2330 (800 Math, 730 Verbal), 99th percentile
      •    Honors: Columbia Core Curriculum Scholar, 3rd Place in Oliver Wyman Case Competition, Dean’s List All Semesters


Kaiser Associates (Global strategy & management consulting firm serving Fortune 500 clients)           Washington, D.C.

Summer Associate Consultant                                                                                                                  June 2023 – August 2023

      •    Benchmarked pricing strategies for Fortune 100 construction equipment manufacturer
      •    Conducted 20+ primary interviews with equipment dealers to research prices, and analyzed 500+ quotes via Excel
      •    Collaborated with Senior Consultants & Manager to create and present final deliverable to clients via PowerPoint
      •    Researched feminine care product innovation in China, synthesized findings and reported to VP in order to pitch a new engagement proposal to a multinational consumer goods corporation; the new project will start in October
      •    Reformulated revenue projection model for Top 2 U.S. telecommunication firm by synthesizing quantitative and qualitative information via Excel; created presentation deck for firm-wide conference


Asia Society (International non-profit organization with $100+ million in assets)                                          Hong Kong
Strategic Development Intern                                                                                                                    June 2022 – August 2022

      •    Negotiated with Japanese Consulate General, All Nippon Airways (ANA), and Peninsula Hotel etc., to seek sponsorship for 180-person banquet promoting Japanese culinary culture
      •    Secured 75% discounted air tickets from ANA by presenting detailed sponsorship tiers and benefits
      •    Identified and interviewed two Japan-based food-shipping companies to supply for banquet and decide on budget
      •    Led team of three interns to conduct market research and pitch ticket sale methods to Strategic Development Team for two 350-people concerts in November; sold 280 tickets in September pre-sale period
      •    Composed 40-page proposal with $128,000 budget for exhibition series; presented to potential sponsors


Dearest, Inc. (Childcare start-up serving 200+ families in New York)                                                             New York, NY

Business Development Intern                                                                                                                   January 2022 – May 2022

      •    Researched competitor landscape in $4.7 billion NY State child care industry to determine differentiation strategies; formulated analyses on industry competition to gauge company standing, presented by CEO to investors
      •    Collaborated with designers to create developmental milestones charts
      •    Wrote one 500-word article per week on education-related topics with 100+ readers per article on Dearest’s website


Symposium Summer Teaching Fellowship sponsored by Columbia University                                     Beijing, China
Symposium Fellow                                                                                                                                 February 2022 – August 2022

      •    Selected from 50+ applicants to receive fellowship to teach humanities to high school and university students in Beijing
      •    Designed and taught 10-day curriculum on Rousseau to 15 high school and college students of diverse background


Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs                                                                                                      New York, NY

Senior Advisor (formerly Business Head) of Entrepreneurship Publication “Impulse”                October 2020 – August 2022

      •    Spearheaded marketing strategies and led team of 8 to analyze reader data, increasing readership size by ~20%
      •    Organized and moderated two 20-person round-table discussions with entrepreneurs, featured on impulse.coreatcu.com


Oliver Wyman                                                                                                                                                                              New York, NY

Selected Participant in Women’s Leadership Series                                                                  February 2021 – April 2021

      •    Selected from 300+ applicants to participate in series of professional development and consulting case workshops
      •    Placed 3rd in Best Buy case competition among 29 participants



Computer: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe Photoshop, Google AdWords
Languages: Mandarin (native), Cantonese (advanced), Japanese (intermediate)
Interests: Printmaking (apprenticed to master printer Kathy Caraccio in Jan. 2017), Half-marathons

Service Work and Non-traditional Experience


1 W. 72nd Street, New York, NY 10022 ● (212) 111-1111 ● prh908@columbia.edu



Nimble and creative team player with 12+ years of experience in training, operations, and events. Proven track record of building and maintaining client relationships, delivering superior customer service, and motivating diverse teams. Excels in fast-paced environments. Seeking positions in human resources, bridging knowledge of entertainment and hospitality.



Columbia University, School of General Studies, New York, NY                                                                Expected May 2023
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Relevant Coursework: Mind, Brain, & Behavior; Social & Organizational Psychology; Social Development


Community College of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA                                                                                                                          2019–2020
Honors: Dean’s List (four semesters), Phi Theta Kappa



Entertainer, Atlanta, GA | New York, NY                                                                                                                              2013–Present

      •    Liaise and negotiate with venue owners and booking agents to schedule approx. two events per month
      •    Collaborate on events with other musicians, from organization to execution; coordinate booking, transit, and equipment set-up and break-down; operate soundboard; provide musical accompaniment
      •    Market shows by creating flyers and social media posts; conduct outreach to local businesses for promotion
      •    Maintain a consistent rehearsal schedule, between six to ten hours per week
      •    Recorded two full-length EP’s at Atlanta Studios

The Prime Rib of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA                                                                                                                                       2012–2020
Bartender and Server Captain
      •    Trained and mentored new hires in professionalism, guest relations, and point-of-sale system, in one-on-one and small group settings
      •    Managed staff of 12 servers, ensuring a consistent and superior customer service while remaining poised under pressure in a fast-paced, high-end setting
      •    Compiled and managed receipts and paperwork nightly, facilitating accurate financial record-keeping
      •    Established rapport with guests; provided tailored recommendations based on culinary knowledge
      •    Dedicated 40 hours per week while maintaining full-time enrollment and 3.8 GPA in college



Columbia Bartending Agency, New York, NY                                                                                                                  2022–Present
      •    Prepare and serve comprehensive beverage selection at 30 to 200+ person events, at private homes, event venues, hotels, and membership clubs
      •    Develop tailored beverage menus in collaboration with clients
      •    Track, organize, and maintain accurate inventory, reporting back to client
      •    Achieved outstanding reviews for excellent customer service and in-depth mixology knowledge


The Shipwreck Grille, Hoboken, NJ                                                                                                                                              2013–2014
      •    Trained in and executed exemplary customer service within fine dining atmosphere
      •    Recognized for elevating overall service of staff and going above and beyond in role



GS Alliance, Member, Columbia University                                                                                                                        2021–Present



Skills: Proficient in MS Office (Word, Excel), social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter); intermediate Spanish
Interests: personality assessments, rock history, road-trip mixtapes, how-to recipe videos

First Year Student and High School Experience

Michael Mason

000 Lerner Hall, New York, NY 10027

mm000@columbia.edu • 212-555-5555


Columbia University, Columbia College, New York, NY                                                                                   Expected May 2026

Bachelor of Arts


Boston High School, Boston, MA                                                                                                                                                      May 2022



Columbia University Kluge Scholar (Four Year Scholarship)

National Honor Society (2019–2022)



Boston University Medical Center, Boston, MA                                                                                                Jan. 2020–Feb. 2022

Medical Volunteer, Neural Connections

      •    Organized patient recreational activities including memory and card games as well as hand-eye coordination exercises

      •    Liaised with patients to provide emotional support and aid with mobilization and mealtime assistance for an average of 10 patients per shift

      •    Interacted with patients of all ages with neurological conditions including brain tumors, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke


Joe’s Bagels, Brookline, MA                                                                                                                                        Nov. 2020–Sept. 2021

Cashier and Sales Associate

      •    Operated cash register by totaling bills, receiving payments, and distributing receipts

      •    Provided fast, efficient, and courteous service to all customers

      •    Ensured adequate supplies of change and correct amount of money at ends of shifts for proper reconciliation



Columbia University, NCAA Division I Varsity Football Team, New York, NY                                      Sept. 2022–Present

Defensive Back, Linebacker

      •    Dedicate 40 hours per week to practice, conditioning, competition, and team meetings

      •    Volunteer at community organizations including local schools, homeless shelters, and sports camps


Boston High School Student Paper, Boston, MA                                                                                            Dec. 2020–Mar. 2022

Member, Writer

      •    Identified and pitched potential feature stories on student and administration issues

      •    Edited final drafts of stories to accord with house style; performed final fact-checking

      •    Restructured the existing system of submission, revision, and publication, improving feedback process and ensuring quality control over final publication



Columbia University Black Student Organization, Member                                                                        Sept. 2022–Present

      •    Attend monthly meetings and contribute to brainstorming, discussing and planning campus events

First-Generation Low-Income Partnership (FLIP), Member                                                                       Sept. 2022–Present



Computer: Microsoft (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe (Photoshop, InDesign)

Language: Intermediate Spanish

Interests: Writing, Digital Art, Community Events, Tennis