Career Resources

CCE Resources


The Center for Career Education has created or compiled several additional resources for students and alumni for use in their career development. Please follow the links below for more information.


Tipsheets are detailed summaries of critical information created by CCE counselors covering virtually all aspects of the job search process from how to write a cover letter to questions you can expect during an interview. You can also browse through our skills based tipsheets to learn more about writing business plans or tips on networking.

CRC Library

An extensive inventory of career-related books can be reviewed at the Career Resource Center. Topics range from resume writing, internships, studying abroad, graduate school, interviewing skills, and industry exploration.

Internship Survey Database

Through the Internship Survey Database, you can learn about the many kinds of internships your fellow students have pursued and use this resource as a tool to assist you with your internship search and career exploration.  If you want to share your own experiences, feel free to complete the survey and contribute to the database.

CCE Webinar & Video Library

A collection of videos and MP3s bringing you information covered by guest speakers and CCE counselors during workshops, events, and webinar series.


CCE's weekly and monthly newsletters highlight career-related workshops, events, and programs along with internships and jobs specifically targeted for Columbia students and alumni.