The job/internship search can be and feel like a lot. For many of us, there can be a sense of uncertainty around how to go about the search and how to balance the search with the rest of your life—classes, work, family, friends, sleep. 

Take the time to evaluate:

  • What do you need to stay feeling well?
  • What strategy and schedule works best for you?
  • What routine works for your natural rhythms?

Here are 6 things to remember as you move forward:

  1. Make use of your advisors and counselors on campus including the Center for Career EducationAcademic Advising, and Counseling and Psychological Services to assist in both your job search, balancing academics, and maintaining overall wellness.
  2. Test your job search assumptions by speaking with a CCE counselor about effective job search strategies and anticipated timelines.
  3. Set aside scheduled time to focus on your job search each week so that you are making steady progress. That said, put a limit on the amount of time you spend each day looking for a job. It doesn’t have to be a 9-5 undertaking!
  4. Build in breaks: include exercise, academic, fun, social, and creative activities. Studies prove that taking breaks boosts productivity!
  5. Your search will differ from your classmates; don’t measure your progress against anyone else’s accomplishments.
  6. Remember: the job search is about finding a fit, it is not a test of your worth!