Career Resources



Your Career

As you consider your career plans, it is important to understand yourself, to explore career options, and to gain experience so that you can make informed choices that will lead you to a satisfying career.  This is an ongoing process, and CCE is here to provide assistance!

1. Learn about Yourself

What are your interests, skills, values, and personality traits?
Make lists, talk with family or friends, meet with a career counselor, informally work on some online exercises, or talk to a career counselor about using a formal assessment tool such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator or Strong Interest Inventory or other online exercises.

2. Research and Explore Industries

What is out there?
To begin learning about the variety of industries and the types of jobs within them, check Industry Exploration (and use research tools such as Vault and Wetfeet), peruse the books in our resource center, attend a panel of professionals in a specific career field, conduct an informational interview, talk with faculty members and family, connect with alumni, meet with a career counselor, come to a career fair, or attend any of our events.

3. Gain Experience

Which careers might be a good fit for you?
To see if something fits you, and to potentially present yourself as a qualified applicant, go out and do it! There are many opportunities to gain resume-building experience through volunteer work, becoming involved in a student organization, working at a part-time job, or doing an internship. You can also create new, unique opportunities to gain experience. Check our online resources, meet with a career counselor, or start searching on your own for possibilities.

4. Set Career Goals

Determine which career fields (industries) and what types of positions you will seek.
Your career goals will hopefully be a match for your personality, values and work style. Your goals should reflect the time you've spent exploring who you are (your skills, interests, personality, and work-related values), researching a range of career fields, and gaining experience. Tailor your documents (resume, etc.) and focus your job/internship search on the industries you've selected, using a variety of job-hunting strategies.