The Columbia College Alumni-Sponsored Student Internship Program (CCASSIP) offers summer internship experiences to full-time Columbia College students. Internships are based predominantly based in New York, with a handful of opportunities in other major cities in the United States.

The program provides interns with professional development training from our career counselors. CCASSIP was developed in partnership with the Columbia College Alumni Association.

Program Features

CCASSIP is a combination of an internship experience sponsored by a Columbia College alumnus, an additional alumni mentor, professional career development programming, and support from a career counselor.

Program features include:

  • Pre-program training that includes program overview and professional skills workshops
  • Summer internship with employer sponsored by Columbia College alumnus
  • Mid-summer check-in to discuss and debrief on internship experience
  • Alumni mentor for professional guidance and support during the summer
  • One-on-one career counseling appointments throughout the summer to support and enhance the internship experience
  • End-of-program reflection session to unpack and reflect on internship experience and learn from your peers

Program Benefits

You will:

  • Have a greater ability to articulate skills gained from the internship experience
  • Gain experience and confidence in navigating workplace scenarios and professional relationships
  • Deepen knowledge of setting personal learning goals and reflecting on career interests and aspirations
  • Gain a rich understanding of an industry in New York City or other major city while connecting with Columbia College alumni
  • Be able to articulate your experience and reflect upon your internship experience appropriately to highlight key transferable skills.


  • You must be enrolled full-time as an undergraduate student of Columbia College in the spring semester before the summer internship.

  • Currently registered student in good academic and disciplinary standing.

  • First-year, sophomore, or juniors are eligible. Some positions are open only to certain class years based on employer specifications and will be noted in the job description in LionSHARE.

** By submitting an application, you authorize the Center for Career Education to conduct academic and disciplinary checks to confirm program eligibility. Certain University policy violations may disqualify you from consideration for the CCASSIP program.

Application Process & Timeline

CCASSIP positions will be posted in LionSHARE. Under the jobs tab using the label function, search “CCASSIP- Columbia College Alumni Sponsored Student Internship Program” to locate all program opportunities.

To apply, upload your application materials to LionSHARE. You can apply to as many positions as you are interested in for this program. Standard application materials include:

  1. Resume

  2. Cover Letter (if required by employer)

  3. Transcript (can be unofficial): This is your current semester course schedule which you should access by logging onto Student Services Online, clicking on “My Schedule” and copying and pasting your course schedule into a Microsoft Word Document. The schedule should show your full name, your school, your Spring 2017 Courses, and your enrollment status.


Early February — Submit applications via LionSHARE
Mid-February — Employers begin interview process for selected candidates
March/April — Offers extended to candidates
Late April — Internship Pre-Program Training
Mid- May — August — Internship period, varies by employer
September — Reflection session


Am I eligible if I am on a leave of absence?

No, you must be a full-time enrolled student in the spring semester before the internship begins in order to be eligible for a CCASSIP position.

What transcript should I submit with the application?

Unless the employer requires an unofficial transcript, which would be noted on the job description in LionSHARE, we only require a copy of your spring course schedule. This is to confirm eligibility for the CCASSIP program. You can copy and paste your spring course schedule into a word document, save as a PDF, and submit with your application materials in LionSHARE. If the employer requires a transcript, please submit a full copy of your unofficial transcript instead of the spring course schedule.

How many positions can I apply to?

You can apply to as many CCASSIP positions as interest you.