On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) provides employers with the opportunity to host information sessions, attend career fairs, industry showcases, and conduct interviews on campus.

On-Campus Recruiting offers direct access to some of the most competitive companies and opportunities in the job market today. Through OCR, employers can connect with you and provide information about their industry, company, and employment opportunities.

On-Campus Interviews

It is important to keep in mind that On Campus Interviews (OCI) are just one resource to use in your career search.  On-Campus Interviews can be found in LionSHARE, under “Jobs” and then selecting “On-Campus Interviews.” While OCI is a fairly straightforward process, it requires attention to employer-specified deadlines and often demanding interview schedules.  If you do not see companies of interest through OCI, it does not mean they aren’t hiring.  Companies hire “as-needed” and post opportunities in various ways including LionSHARE, social media and other job boards.

Employers participating in OCI:

  • have the resources to interview on campus in the fall and/or spring
  • often represent the finance, tech and consulting industries
  • hire full-time and summer “classes” or a “cohort” from select schools every year
  • expect you to adhere to a demanding interview timeline
  • conduct first-round interviews at CCE unless noted otherwise

Participating in On-Campus Interviews (OCI)

Prior to applying to On-Campus Interview (OCI) opportunities in LionSHARE, you should review the On-Campus Interview (OCI) Guidelines along with the OCI video tutorial.

Employer Information Sessions

Employer information sessions are hosted by companies to give you an understanding of the goals and mission of the organization. They also provide insight into their entry-level and internship positions and programs.   These are often a great way to meet with alumni working for these companies.  If you are attending these sessions, you should:

  • be professionally dressed
  • be prepared to network
  • have a few copies of your resume in case a company representative is collecting them

You can find dates and locations for employer information sessions on the CCE calendar and in LionSHARE.

Career Fairs

In both the fall and spring semesters, employers are invited to attend our Career Fairs, including the Undergraduate Career Fair, the Engineering Career Fair, the Spring Career Fair and the Startup Career Fair. With an investment of only a few hours, these fairs are a great way for you to meet with employers and alumni from various industries and organizations. Career Fairs host between 50 to 130 employers per fair. Additional information and upcoming CCE Career Fairs can be found in LionSHARE.

Industry Showcases

Each semester we co-host several Industry Showcase events. These are great events for companies that are new to campus and seek to build brand recognition. Employers are encouraged to bring Columbia alumni as well. These events host 8-15 employers from within a common industry attracting students who are interested in learning more about opportunities and career paths within that field. Additional information and upcoming Industry Showcases can be found in LionSHARE, under the “Fairs” tab.