The Summer Funding Programs award support recipients’ cost of living (housing, food, transportation) while Work Exemption Program grants waive recipients’ summer work expectation.

Students submit one summer funding program application with the option to be considered for a Work Exemption Program (WEP) grant. Applications include a personal statement, resume, budget form, letter of recommendation, and employer verification form. Selected students will be notified of their donor fund. At the end of the summer, students will create a reflection project about their summer experience.

How do I make my application Competitive? 

Below are tips from the Summer Funding Programs review committee on submitting a competitive application for funding.

Answer All Personal Statement Prompts

  • Your statement is limited to three pages, double-spaced. Thoroughly answer the prompts provided on the summer funding programs website to address the description of your opportunity, learning objectives, supervision, and commitment to the program.

Have Your Personal Statement Reviewed

  • Have your personal statement reviewed prior to submission. Stop by Quick Questions for a 10-minute meeting with a career counselor to discuss your personal statement. It is beneficial to have another individual review a personal statement.

Set a Realistic Budget 

  • The budget form submitted should reflect all living expenses related to and necessary for the completion of your internship. Be realistic in housing, food, recurring travel costs, and one-time travel costs; do not underestimate your living expenses.

Talk to Your Supervisor

  • Your direct supervisor will submit the Employer Verification form and will indicate the duration of the internship, including hours per week and total number of weeks. Ensure you are on the same page so your application and the information that they submit matches.

Carefully Choose Your Recommender         

  • Your letter of recommendation should come from someone that can speak well of your academic, extracurricular, and professional accomplishments as well as your character. We advise against a teacher/coach from high school. Instead, ask a professor, advising dean, or current/former supervisor.  

The Summer Funding Programs are highly selective and funding is limited. Consider all your options and alternatives to support your opportunity during the summer.

The committee wishes you well on your application!

Where can I learn more about the summer funding programs

Visit our Funding page to learn more and see the variety of experiences supported by the Summer Funding Programs.