It’s that time of the year again! If you’re planning to apply to consulting jobs or internships for summer 2022, now is the time to get ready.

We’ve been connecting with employers and learning the latest to keep you up to date. Read on for updates on recruiting timelines and tips for your applications and interviews.

Recruiting Timelines

Most firms plan to recruit in early fall.

Most firms we’ve spoken to report plans to recruit for internships or full-time positions in early fall, consistent with timelines from recent years.

Check out the list of firms on our Boutique Consulting recaps from past years to start building your list of target organizations!

August 19 update: We’re seeing LionSHARE/Handshake postings starting to come in, from firms including Kearney, GEP, Bridgespan, Dalberg, Clearview Health Partners, Mars & Co, and more, with deadlines in September. Many of the postings will tell you when they will begin reviewing applications, so be sure to read carefully!

The MBB firms are an exception.

The MBB firms, however, have moved up their first round of recruiting to summer, to better align with finance timelines. All have September deadlines as well.


Bain recently posted their application for internship and full-time positions, with the following deadlines for Columbia students (updated June 30):

  • Full-time: September 9
  • Internships: September 23

Postings for these positions are now live on LionSHARE, and will ask you to apply both on LionSHARE and on their website.

You can see upcoming summer events on their Columbia recruiting page, such as case workshops, webinars with their Black, Asian, and Latinx affinity groups, and info session with various offices.


Boston Consulting Group is having multiple rounds of deadlines for full-time associate and summer associate positions:

  • First deadline: July 16
  • Second deadline: Sept. 8
  • Third deadline (only summer associates): Sept. 29

The deadline for their Growing Future Leaders Sophomore Internship Program is October 1.

Stay up-to-date with deadlines and events on their Columbia recruiting page. As of August 19, they have also posted their internship and full-time positions on LionSHARE (but you’ll have to apply on their website), as well as several upcoming virtual programs.


McKinsey has announced the following deadlines:

Their Columbia recruiting page has recommendations about when to apply. In short, they are flexible, but encourage full-time applicants to apply in July.

Learn about the interview process and stay up-to-date with deadlines and events on their Columbia recruiting page, where you can also see educational programs over the summer to learn about their different practice areas.

How to Stay up to Date

Here are some ways to stay up to date on recruiting for your firms of interest:

  • Do an online search to see if the firm has a Columbia-specific recruiting page, and if so, bookmark it.
  • From that page, or the company’s Handshake profile, make note of any specific recruiter information. Got questions for that person that aren’t answered on the website? You can reach out—that’s why they’ve made their information available.
  • Make a profile on the firm’s careers page or student careers page and sign up for alerts about the type of position you’re seeking. Some firms will only post on their own website, so this is a must!
  • Follow the firm on your social media channel of choice. This will help you hear about recruiting news and keep up-to-date on what the firm is promoting.
  • Favorite and follow the firm on job boards like Handshake, so you see if they post on Handshake, are participating in on-campus interviewing, or coming to Columbia recruiting events in the fall.
  • Be sure to have a consulting internship or job alert set up on LionSHARE to catch new postings from firms not on your radar.

Interview Prep

Each consulting firm has its own application process, but you can often expect three types of interviews:

  • Behavioral: These interviews seek to learn about your interest in the role and the experience you have that’s transferable to the role. McKinsey, for instance, is known for their unique version of the behavioral interview, the Personal Experience Interview.

  • Case: These interviews seek to understand how you approach a business problem, by presenting you with a business scenario and asking you to walk the interviewer through your approach to it. They test your thinking, communication skills, and adaptability.

  • Cognitive Ability: These online assessments aim to learn about how you think, without requiring prior business knowledge. For instance, if you apply to a BCG office in the US you’ll be invited to complete a 25-minute, game-based pymetrics assessment within 48 hours of receiving the invitation.

6 Tips for a Successful Application and Interview

  1. It’s okay if you don’t have prior consulting experience! Consulting firms are interested in candidates who have an interest in business and skills like structured thinking, clear communication, teamwork and leadership, and adaptability. Think about how your experience uniquely prepares you for consulting—firms want to know!

  2. Start networking now to build a few quality connections. Check out tips from consulting professionals here!

  3. Don’t wait! After applications open, consulting firms often review applications and select candidates on an ongoing basis. So, try to apply as soon as you are ready!

  4. This cycle, you can expect that the majority of interviews will likely remain virtual. To prepare, check out our tips on virtual and phone interviews, read through recommendations and tips on firm websites, and practice using Big Interview.

  5. Take advantage of the many free resources available for case prep directly from firms and from consulting-focused websites, like Management Consulted’s prep guide

  6. If you’re pressed for time, you don’t have to do a million cases. Be smart about your case prep approach

Keep an eye out for our Micro Career Fair: Boutique Consulting on September 21!