Canada is seeking to bring in 1 million immigrants by 2020!

So this fall the Consulate General of Canada in New York came to our campus to speak to our undergraduate and graduate students as well as French speakers on campus about Canada’s Express Entry opportunities.  

Express Entry is used to manage applications for permanent residence for their Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program and the  Canadian Experience Class program.

The Express Entry program can lead to permanent residence status in 6 months or less!

How to Apply

Those interested in the process need at least one year of continuous paid work experience in order to apply through the Express Entry path to permanent residency in Canada.

The initial application is straightforward and ranked on a points system.

If you achieve 67+ points you will be eligible to enter the pool from which the next steps take place. Points are granted based on a series of different considerations for degree level, family in Canada, level of fluency in English or French, age, and experience.

After the Initial Application

If you reach 67+ points, you will be granted access to a job board for positions in Canada. Your ranking in this pool is also calculated on a  points scale. You can update your profile at any time during the course of the year to reflect educational attainment or additional updates on your application, which will increase your point score.

Once you hit the required point value, you may get chosen during a drawing. From there you may move forward with additional paperwork to become a permanent resident. Once approved as a permanent resident you must spend at least 2 years out of the next 5 years living in Canada.

Next Steps

If you are interested, please use this online tool to determine your eligibility for Express Entry and this one to calculate your score in the Comprehensive Ranking System.

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