For student groups seeking partnership with CCE:

  1. Carefully review the information below. 
  2. Complete this form to request partnershipA CCE staff member will respond to you within five business days. 

CCE welcomes opportunities to partner with undergraduate student groups to:

  • Market your career-related events in our monthly industry-specific newsletters
  • Prepare group members for conferences, career fairs, and applications to internships/jobs with career resources
  • Partner on CCE’s existing programs in the current semester or co-host new programs in upcoming semesters

Market Your Career Events: 

Request to advertise your career events in our monthly industry-based newsletters. 

  • Email with a request for your event to be included in the next newsletter. 
  • Provide a blurb of no more than 90 characters and a link to the event. 

You will receive confirmation as to whether or not your event can be included. 

Request Event Partnerships & Career Resources:


Partner with us on our existing events, which include alumni networking events and panels, information sessions, resume/cover letter/interview/networking/job search workshops, LinkedIn Labs, and employer site visits.  

Your partnership with us means that you will:

  • meet with CCE to discuss goals
  • provide feedback on/develop marketing materials
  • secure attendance from members
  • welcome attendees and introduce yourself at the beginning of an event
  • contribute funds to have food for your members (optional, in-person events only)

How to request a partnership:

  1. Research upcoming programs to identify an opportunity for collaboration on CCE’s calendar of events.
  2. Complete this formA CCE staff member will respond to you within five business days. 


In some instances, CCE may be able to develop a tailored event or resource for your student group.

  1. Review these considerations before requesting a new event 

  • Event vs Resources - CCE may be able to identify resources or services that will help your members on a more individual level rather than by hosting an event. Consider the needs of your members. Can the information they seek be communicated virtually from CCE? Can you bring a group to our Quick Questions sessions Monday-Friday from 2:00 — 4:00 p.m. for 15-minute resume reviews? Event requests will also depend on other factors including timing, staff availability, and requirements listed below.
  • Advance Notice - We plan all of our events at least six months in advance to secure space, panelists/speakers/participants, and staffing. Please submit requests to discuss programming for upcoming semesters so that can we plan and implement the program together.
  • Student Attendance - CCE typically requires a minimum of 30 students for a special request event. In the past, student groups have combined to co-sponsor events to ensure adequate student participation and maximization of resources.
  • Event Location- CCE can host career events in its conference room, subject to availability. The conference room seats 60 students. If you wish to hold an event elsewhere on campus, it is the responsibility of the group to arrange space for the event.  Other space can be requested on the University Events Management webpage

2. Complete this form - A staff member from the center will respond to you within five business days.