Career Planning Guide


The Center for Career Education (CCE) is proud to present our updated guidebook. Our 2016–2017 edition is full of new content to help you at every stage of your career search.

New Features of the Career Planning Guide:

Connect with CCE:

  • CCE Career Development Model - page 4


  • Overview of your interests, values, personality traits, and skills - page 11


  • Describing Your Experience – pages 17-18
  • Thank You Note Overview – page 46

Resumes and Cover Letters:

  • Resume Examples – pages 23-28
  • Experienced/Alumni Resume Examples – page 27
  • Cover Letter Examples – pages 38-39


  • Illegal Interview Questions - page 49
  • Non Face-to-Face Interviews – page 50

Build A Career Network:

  • What is Networking? –  pages 59-60
  • LinkedIn – page 66

Gain Experience:

  • Safety in the Job/Internship Search – page 73
  • The Job and Internship Search Checklist – pages 79-80

For a full outline of the information and resources available in the Career Planning Guide, please visit our "Core Career Skills" page.

Download it here or stop by the office at any point during office hours to pick up a copy!

Career Planning Guide 2016-2017

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