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Media and Communications

Media and Communications are broad terms that encompass a variety of professions, all of which involve the sharing or generating of information in some way. Professionals in these fields must be creative, have exceptional written and verbal communications skills, and thrive in fast-paced environments. They work to build relationships that help drive their companies’ goals forward, write and create content, develop and communicate messages about their companies or clients, and research issues that affect their companies’ bottom-lines. Use the following index to learn about various professions in the media and communications fields:

      • Media Bistro: This immensely comprehensive website allows you to browse thousands of jobs according to industry, keyword, location, and date. Additionally, it provides quick shortcuts to media/communications blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter users, related training programs and courses, upcoming events, and anything else you could need during your communications job-search.
      • Talent Zoo: This website allows you to browse within the broader categories of "Advertising jobs, new media jobs, creative jobs, marketing jobs, and geek job," all of which you can directly apply for by uploading your resume. It also links to several informative and engaging blogs.
      • Media Job Market: As its title suggests, this website is a comprehensive database of available jobs and internships in the media industry.
      • Entertainment Careers: Click on an industry of your choice (example: advertising, music, journalism, etc.) and be directed to an easy-to-understand list of currently available jobs in that industry.
      • Publishing Jobs: Aside from several thousand communications and media-related job listings, this website also frequently posts articles that provide insight into the industry as a whole.
      • Public Relations Society of America: This PR-specific website allows you to dive right into the search for your ideal Public Relations job, letting you filter jobs by location, type, position, and industry..
      • Internships: Begin a simple, step-by-step search for your perfect college internship.