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LionSHARE and On-Campus Recruiting Policies (OCR) and Procedures


In order to maximize opportunities for students and alumni and preserve the integrity of LionSHARE and the On-Campus Recruiting program (OCR), the Center for Career Education (CCE) has developed this set of policies and procedures. Failure to adhere to these expectations may result in LionSHARE suspension or loss of recruiting privileges.

Using LionSHARE

Students must be currently enrolled in or a graduate of one of the schools served by CCE.

Students must use their own account and not allow anyone else access to their account. Students must accurately represent their academic and professional achievements as well as personal history on their LionSHARE profile, resumes and any other documentation submitted as part of their application.

Questions? Be sure to review the LionSHARE and On-Campus Recruiting Program (OCR) Frequently Asked Questions. You can also contact Employer and Alumni Relations by email at or phone at 212-854-9167.


Students should have their resume and cover letter reviewed by a CCE career advisor.  Come to CCE for a 10 minute Quick Question session or schedule a 30 minute counseling appointment (212-854-5609).

Before applying to any position, students should thoroughly research the organization and the position requirements. Confirm that the opportunity is something in which you are sincerely interested. Students should only apply to positions that match their skills and interests.

Students should avoid sending out multiple resumes to multiple employers simply because they can.  Students should be thoughtful about each application submitted and ensure their skills and interests appropriately match those outlined by the employer in the job description. 


Employers expect you to come prepared for interviews.  This includes an understanding of the industry, their company or organization, and the position for which you are applying.  Fine tune your ‘elevator pitch’, prepare questions for the interviewer and even schedule a practice interview with a CCE career advisor.  Make yourself aware of all interview preparation services offered through CCE.

On-Campus Interviews (OCI)

To gain access to OCI opportunities in LionSHARE, complete the On-Campus Recruiting Program Overview online training, review the Policies and Procedures and agree to terms of usage. You will receive access within two business days of completing the training and agreeing to the policies.

Alternatively, you can gain access by attending an in-person Power Half-Hour scheduled to take place weekly at CCE. Please visit CCE's online calendar for details.

Cancelling or Rescheduling an On-Campus Interview

Students should never cancel interviews with insufficient time for the slot to be filled by another Columbia student.  This behavior is damaging your own reputation, adversely affects other Columbia students, and wastes the time of employers.

Students are permitted to cancel an interview at least two business days prior to the interview without penalty.  Students can do so by contacting the Employer and Alumni Relations office at 212-854-9167 or

Students can reschedule an interview timeslot by contacting the Employer and Alumni Relations office at least two business days prior to the interview; however, potential to reschedule is subject to availability.

Students should NEVER cancel a first-round OCI for a second-round interview with another employer.  Employers participating in OCI are required to give students 72 hours notice of a second round interview AND provide an alternate date if the first date represents a reasonable scheduling conflict for the student (including commitment to a first round on campus).

Failure to cancel an OCI with at least two business days’ notice will result in the following:

Cancelling one business day prior to interview:

If a student cancels an on-campus interview with only one day notice, he or she will receive a warning. If a student commits a second violation, he or she will be immediately suspended from the On-Campus Interview Program for the remainder of the semester.

Cancelling less than one business day prior to interview or failure to appear:

If a student cancels an on-campus interview with less than one business day's notice or fails to appear for their interview, he or she will be immediately suspended from the On-Campus Interview Program for the remainder of the semester.

NOTE: If you are unable to attend your interview on the day it is scheduled for any reason, you are required to contact the Employer and Alumni Relations office at 212-854-9167 or

Accepting a Full-Time or Internship Job Offer

Students should carefully consider any job or internship offer they receive.  In order to provide students with enough time to complete their employment search and make an informed decision, employers participating in our On-Campus Recruiting program have agreed to comply with the listed deadlines.

You do not need to accept an offer immediately. It is standard practice to say "thank you" and let the recruiter or hiring manager know that you will get back to them with your decision. Students should wait to receive a written offer before formally accepting any job offer. Companies consider a verbal acceptance as a formal offer acceptance.

You should not hold on to multiple offers for an extended period of time. Make decisions as quickly as possible and communicate with recruiters regarding the status of your decision.

Once you have accepted an offer of employment you have made a commitment to that position and company.  Any student who withdraws acceptance of (i.e. reneges) an offer obtained through LionSHARE and/or the On-Campus Recruiting program will be subject to immediate consequences, which may include suspension of recruiting and LionSHARE privileges.

Once you have accepted an offer you must remove yourself from any other interview processes you have started.  Contact Employer and Alumni Relations immediately at 212-854-9167 or if you need assistance cancelling interviews scheduled through OCI.

Consider all options available to you. You should not hold on to multiple offers for an extended period of time. Make informed decisions as quickly as possible. Meet with a CCE counselor or Employer and Alumni Relations team member if you have any questions or concerns.

Offer Acceptance Deadlines for 2015-2016 On-Campus Recruiting Season

Students will have two weeks from the date a written offer letter is received or until the deadlines below, whichever is later.

- For full-time offers extended to previous summer interns, students have until October 30, 2015 to make a decision
- Students interviewed for full-time positions have until November 13, 2015 to make a decision
- For internship offers extended to previous summer interns, students have until February 26, 2016 to make a decision
- Students interviewed for summer internships have until March 4, 2016 to make a decision

Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Columbia University is committed to providing a working and learning environment free from unlawful discrimination and harassment. Consistent with this commitment and with applicable federal, state and local laws, it is the policy of the University as both an educational institution and an employer to prohibit unlawful discrimination and harassment and to provide faculty, students, and staff who believe that they may be the victims of either with mechanisms for seeking redress. We recommend that all students, alumni, vendors, and employers engaged in activities with the Center for Career Education review Columbia's Policies and Procedures on Discrimination and Harassment.

If a student or staff member engaged in an activity sponsored by the Center for Career Education (including but not limited to job listings, workshops, panels, counseling sessions, employer presentations, career fairs, interviews, mentoring, internships, off campus recruiting, and employment) believes that the Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedure may have been violated, he or she is urged to contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, a member of the Columbia University Panel on Discrimination and Sexual Harassment, or the Director of Employer and Alumni Relations for the Center for Career Education.  If the conduct complained of involves a person or persons within the Columbia community, the actions provided for under the Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedure may apply. If the conduct complained of involves, in addition to a member of the Columbia community, a party or parties outside the Columbia community, the Center for Career Education may conduct an inquiry. In the event the Center for Career Education determines that the complained-of conduct occurred or the outside party chooses not to participate in the inquiry, the Center for Career Education may act to sever the relationship between the Center Career Education and/or Columbia University and the outside party or organization.