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Alumni Career Services Seminar Series


Alumni Career Services Monthly Seminar Series

The 2013 Alumni Career Services Monthly Seminar Series features professionals with expertise on various career topics, ranging from entrepreneurship to career change and everything in between. See below for a complete listing of the seminars, as well as information on the speakers, dates, and times.

How a Webinar Works:
After registering for one of the webinars, you will receive a unique link from our service, GoToWebinar, via email. When it is time to join the webinar, click on this link, and your computer will automatically take you to the seminar via the Internet.  If you are not familiar with the webinar format, this simply means that you will be able to see the presenter's computer screen and hear both the presenter and other participants talk throughout the meeting time period.  All you will need during the seminar is access to a computer, the Internet, and a phone (or microphone and speakers hooked up to your computer). During the webinar, you will be able to ask questions and make comments by typing your questions/comments into a chat box.  About two weeks after the webinar, the presentation recording will be posted on our website in the Multimedia section (all past tele-seminar and webinar recordings are posted here as well).  You will be able to download the webinar, save it on your desktop, and view/listen to it again.

Registration for the seminars is free, although participants may incur long distance charges when calling in to the conference line (another option is to use a microphone and speakers hooked up to a computer). Note that space is limited, so please register for only those seminars that you intend to join. To register, simply click on the link below the seminars in which you are interested, enter your UNI and password, and then complete the form. Be sure to include a correct email address or the system will be unable to send you the webinar link (also check your spam boxes for the email). Note that the log-in information will be unique to you, so it is important that you save this information. If you have any questions about the seminar series, please email Emily Seamone.

***Please note that UNI login is required for registration for all webinars. If you do not know your UNI or password please click here for Alumni or here for Students.

2013 Seminar Descriptions

Updating Your Personal Brand for Your Job Search
Wednesday, January 22, 2014, 12–1p.m.
Speaker: Erin Berkery-Rovner, Assistant Director, Alumni Career Services
This back to basics webinar will help you to identify what your brand is in terms of your job search and give you key parameters for showcasing your brand, including your job search materials, social media and portfolio.

Freelancing: Start or Supplement Your Career
Wednesday, February 26, 2014, 12–1p.m.
Speaker: Erin Berkery-Rovner, Assistant Director, Alumni Career Services
Freelancing can be an exciting way to make more money, break into a new career path, or a complete lifestyle change. Want to begin freelancing but aren't sure when or how to make
the change? This webinar will give you the basics to understand and make key informed decisions about your freelancing career.

Networking for Veterans
Wednesday, March 26, 2014, 12–1p.m.
Speaker: Mike Abrams, Author of Networking for Veterans
Today’s returning veterans are leaving active-service with vast leadership experiences and valuable technical skills. Yet this doesn’t mean they have the kind of networking skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive business environment. This webinar will teach transitioning service-members how to properly network and build relationships with the people in their community who are most willing and able to help them launch new careers of their choosing. Topics covered include overcoming the challenges of making a military transition, properly applying military skills and experiences to business situations, building a network of contacts, overcoming the fear of communicating, interpersonal relationship building, and more.

Starting Your Career as an Artist
Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 12–1p.m.
Speaker: Stacy Miller, Founder of Higher Up
This webinar will share sound advice for artists seeking to advance their professional careers. Veteran art career professional Stacy Miller shows aspiring artists how to evaluate their goals,
create a plan of action, and use their talents to build a productive life in the art world. Topics covered will include artist’s resumes and CVs, developing marketing plans and refining career aspirations.

Reduce the 55-Hour Work Week
Wednesday, May 21, 2014, 12–1p.m.
Speaker: Andrew Gateriewictz, Author of The Unfinished Work Week
Based on his recently published book, The Unfinished Work Week, Andrew Gateriewictz brings new research to the forefront on the brain’s memory capacity and its impact in the
workplace today. As employers have constrained employees by reducing headcount and expecting better results, the 40-hour work week of the past has now climbed to an average of 55 hours. The problem? Along with the increased time and expectations, we easily fall victim to information-overload and become less productive. Research shows that we only retain 10% of the average workday’s events, but we have the brain capacity to remember eight key topics in an hour. Andrew shows how to navigate the blur of information-lost and develop memorable communication techniques taking full advantage of the brain’s memory capacity. During this webinar, you will learn: tools for creating memorable interactions, tangible skills for effective presentations, interviews & meetings, Memory Litmus Test & The Seven Memory Checkpoints.

LinkedIn 101: Getting to Know the Basics
Wednesday, June 25, 2014, 12–1p.m.
Speaker: Gerald Tang, Associate Director, Undergraduate Career Development
LinkedIn is one of the most powerful online professional resources that exists today. However, for some people, this tool can seem a bit daunting and overwhelming. Join this webinar to gain an overview of LinkedIn and how to use it for a variety of purposes, including networking, job searching, and personal branding. We will also review Columbia specific resources that are available on this network. Note that this webinar is best for individuals who have had very little or no exposure to LinkedIn.


2008-2012 Alumni Career Services Monthly Seminar Series

The 2008 through 2012 Alumni Career Services Monthly Seminar Series showcased seminars from February 2008 to December 2012. All seminars were recorded and are currently available in our multimedia library. If you have any questions about these seminars, please email Emily Seamone.

  • Thrive at Work with ADD (February 2008)
  • One Person/Multiple Careers (March 2008)
  • Career Change and Transition (April 2008)
  • Promote Yourself in Just 15 Seconds with the 15 Second Pitch (May 2008)
  • Career Paths for Creative Types (June 2008)
  • In Pursuit of the Balanced Life: Flexible Work Options (July 2008)
  • Standing Out in the Crowd: The Latest Resume and Job Search Tips (August 2008)
  • Explore Your Purpose and Find Work You Love (September 2008)
  • Writing a 3-page Business Plan that Sizzles (October 2008)
  • Self-Promotion for Introverts® (December 2008)
  • Take Control of Your Work+Life Fit, Even in an Economic Downturn (January 2009)
  • Recession-Proof Your Job (February 2009)
  • How to Effectively Handle a Job Layoff (February 2009)
  • Build Your Unique Brand Identity (March 2009)
  • Cracking the Code to Enter the Hidden Job Market (April 2009)
  • Navigating a Radical Career Change (May 2009)
  • Post Graduation: What's Next for the New Graduate? (June 2009)
  • Career Search Secrets: 7 Absolute Musts for Finding and Landing Your Dream Job (July 2009)
  • Navigating Successfully Through Corporate Change (September 2009)
  • The Self-Employment Option: How to Succeed at Starting Your Own Business (October 2009)
  • Interview and Get the Job (November 2009)
  • The Art of Effective Salary Negotiation (December 2009)
  • Do What You Are: How to Harness the Power of Personality Type to Find the Most Satisfying Career (January 2010)
  • Reach Your Goals in 2010: How to Define, Plan, and Achieve Them (February 2010)
  • Mastering Collaborative Competitive Relationships for Career Success (March 2010)
  • Take Control! Seven Steps to Becoming More Entrepreneurial about Your Career (April 2010)
  • Twitter Your Way to a New Job: Learn How Twitter Can Enhance Your Reach and Reputation, Deepen Your Digital Footprint, and Lead to Job Search Success (May 2010)
  • The New Retirement Model: Rewirement - Finding Fulfillment, Fun, and Funds in the Future (June 2010)
  • From Good Intention to Action, from Action to Career: Exploring Social-Impact Opportunities (July 2010)
  • How the Hiring Process Really Works: An Insider's Guide to Getting the Job (September 2010)
  • Breaking Through Barriers: Overcoming What's Stopping You from Success (October 2010)
  • Get Ahead: Using Social Media in Your Job Search (November 2010)
  • A Brave New World: Finding a Non-Academic Job (December 2010)
  • How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Profile (January 2011)
  • Work on Purpose: Create a Career that Matters (February 2011)
  • Getting Into a Top MBA/EMBA Program: How...and Why? (March 2011)
  • LinkedIn 101: Getting to Know the Basics (April 2011)
  • Working in the New Economy: How to Build Income Security in a World Without Job Security (May 2011)
  • Beyond the Basics: Taking LinkedIn to the Next Level (June 2011)
  • Ascension Planning: What Every Careerist Needs to Know about Getting Promoted (July 2011)
  • LinkedIn and the Job Search: Find the Link to Your Next Opportunity (August 2011)
  • Create a Compelling Marketing Campaign: Your Resume, Cover Letter, Online Profile, and Pitch (September 2011)
  • Where to Go Next: Alternative Careers for Attorneys (October 2011)
  • How to Reveal and Engage Your Whole Self at Work (December 2011)
  • SOAR to New Heights: Proclaiming Your Career Accomplishments in the New Year (January 2012)
  • Demystifying the Informational Interview: How to Utilize this Dynamic Process to Advance your Job Search (February 2012)
  • Stand Out from the Crowd: A Strong Resume in a Weak Economy (March 2012)
  • Growing Your Green Career: Building a Sustainable Future for You and the Planet (April 2012)
  • How to Succeed in Business by Really Trying (May 2012)
  • Career Change and Transition for Alumni (June 2012)
  • 21st Century Job Search: Creating, Managing and Leveraging Your Brand for Career Success (August 2012)
  • Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office (September 2012)
  • Pursuing Your Educational Goals: The Road Map to Graduate School (October 2012)
  • Redefining your Professional Identity after Raising a Family (November 2012)
  • Are You In the Know? Time to Update Your LinkedIn Knowledge! (December 2012)

*Note that the November 2008, August 2009, August 2010, November 2011, and July 2012 seminars were not recorded due to the nature of the call (Open Career Counseling Call)

Thursday, March 22, 12-1pm