Undergraduate Students


We work to empower you to make smart career choices, develop the tools necessary for a successful internship/job search, and connect professionally with employers through workshops, career events, online resources, and meetings with counselors.

Work with us to:

  • Make Career Decisions - Figuring out what to do with your life doesn't have to be so complicated. Meet with us to assess your interests and options and make career decisions that are right for you. Use these resources to start to explore and connect your major and career options today!
  • Design a Career Action Plan - Create and stay on track with your career plan by following our Career Planning guide and meeting with us regularly. Check out our Four Year Action Plan for undergraduates.
  • Conduct Industry Research - Check out CCE's online resources to expand your knowledge of industries, careers, and jobs. Attend our events to hear from experts working in exciting fields.
  • Gain Experience Through Internships, On-Campus or Part/Full-Time Jobs - Ready to get your feet wet? Pursue opportunities by applying to CCE's internship and student enterprise programs, searching our online recruiting system, LionSHARE, and connecting with employers at our events. Learn about other ways to gain experience through Columbia resources. And, for seniors, check out the 6 Stages of a Job Search.
  • Write Effective Resumes and Cover Letters - First time writing a resume or need to update an outdated version? Use our Resume/Cover Letter Guide in the Career Planner or attend a Power Half Hour workshop to write a strong version before meeting with a counselor.
  • Develop and Practice Interview Skills - Whether you're a first time or experienced interviewee, there's usually room to improve. Use our Interview Guide in the Career Planner, attend a Power Half Hour workshop, or schedule a practice interview to learn how to show purpose, prepare, and practice your way to a job offer.
  • Grow a Professional Network - Build relationships with professionals to learn about career paths and uncover employment opportunities. Attend networking how-to events, review our online tutorials, or work with a counselor to learn how to develop and maintain a network of contacts. Start early!
  • Create a Strong Online Presence - Showcase your professionalism on Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, and other social media platforms to increase your knowledge of career areas and your appeal and exposure to employers.

CAREER EVENTS - We host and post innovative on and off campus events throughout the year to build your professional skills and knowledge and help you connect with employers. Find the events right for you here.