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Diversity Recruitment Programs


Diversity Recruitment Programs

Diversity programs focus on preparing and placing underrepresented students in internships or jobs in a wide variety of fields. Industries with recognizable race and gender gaps tend to highly publicize their efforts to correct these demographic disparities. Select diversity recruitment programs and opportunities are presented below. Be sure to browse LionSHARE for additional postings.

 AAAS Project on Science, Technology, and  Disability  STEM  Persons with disabilities  
 American Association of Advertising Agencies  Advertising  Racial Minorities  
 AAPD Internship Program  Various  Persons with disabilities  
 APS/IBM Research Internship for  Underrrepresented Minority students  Science & Engineering   Racial minorities  
 Barclays Diversity Freshman Foundation Program  Finance  First years who are racial, gender, and/or sexual orientation minorities  Yes
 Barclays Diversity Sophomore Springboard  Program  Finance  Women and ethnically diverse sophomores  Yes
 The Charles B. Rangel International Affairs  Program  Gov't/Public Service  Racial minorities  
 The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation  Gov't/Public Service  Black students  
 The CBS Diversity Institute/Writers Mentoring  Program  Media - TV  Racial, gender, and/or sexual orientation minorities  
 Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's Scholar  Intern Programs  Health Services, Accounting, Communications, Computer  Science, Media/PR, Marketing   Hispanic students  
 Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's  Congressional Internship Program  Gov't/Public Service  Hispanic students  
 Deloitte NextGen Leaders Program  Consulting  Unspecified  Yes
 Emma Bowen Foundation   Media  Racial minorities  
 Explore Microsoft Internship Program   Computer Science & Technology  Women, Native-American, African-American, Hispanic, Students with Disabilities  
 Federal Diversity Internship Initiative  Gov't/Public Service  Racial minorities, people with disabilities, military veterans  
 Film Independent, Project Involve  Media- Film  Unspecified  
 FOX, Writer’s Intensive  Media- TV  Unspecified  
 Future Global Leaders Fellowship  Gov't/Public Service  Unspecified  Yes
 Getty Museum Multicultural Internships  Arts Management  Racial minorities  
 Goldman Sachs  Financial Services  Racial, gender, and/or sexual orientation minorities  Yes
 Google BOLD  STEM  Juniors, racial and gender minorities  Yes
 HACU National Internship Program  Various  Hispanic students  
 IBM Project View  Tech  Racial, gender, and/or sexual orientation minorities  Yes
 INROADS  Business  Racial minorities  
 JP Morgan Winning Women Undergrad   Financial Services  Women  Yes
 JP Morgan Winning Women Graduate  Financial Services  Women  Yes
 Jopwell  General Recruiting  Black, Hispanic, Native American  Yes
 Lime Connect  General Recruiting  Persons with disabilities  
 Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT)  Business  Racial minorities  
 McKinsey Sophomore Diversity Leaders  Consulting  Sophomores, Black and/or Hispanic  Yes
 Mellon-Mays Undergraduate Fellowship  Academia  Racial minorities  Yes
 Montgomery Summer Research Diversity  Fellowships   Law and Social Science  Sophomores, Juniors, African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, Native American, or  Puerto Rican, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ  
 NASCAR Diversity Internship Program  Various  Racial Minorities/Multicultural  
 The Morris K. Udall Foundation Native American  Congressional Internship  Public Affairs  Native American and Native Alaskan students  
 Public Policy and International Affairs Program  Public Affairs  Racial minorities  
 Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO)  Business  Racial minorities  
 Smithsonian Institution Minority Internship  Programs   Arts Management  Racial minorities  
 Smithsonian Institution Minority Awards Program  for Visiting Students  Arts Management  Racial minorities  
 T. Howard Foundation Multimedia and  Entertainment Internships  Media  Racial minorities  
 US Department of Energy Minority & Government  Internships  Energy  Racial minorities


 VICE Media Summer Internship
 Media  Unspecified