Student Stories

We would like to share stories that showcase the various ways students and alumni have explored careers and their interests, built job search skills such as networking and interviewing, gained experience through internships, student clubs, research and volunteer positions, and connected with employers and alumni in fields of interest.  

Let us know your story – include how you have used career counseling, LionSHARE and On Campus Recruiting, career fairs and other events, networking, faculty and academic departments, student clubs and professional associations, external job boards, social media, etc.

Here are some questions to prompt your thoughts:

  • What Columbia resources did you use to explore careers?
  • How much time did your internship/job search take and how did you balance competing priorities?
  • Please share any experience working with a CCE counselor and what you learned.
  • Did you participate in a CCE career fair or networking event? If yes, what was the outcome?
  • What resources did you use to prepare applications? (CCE counselor and resources, Writing Center, friends and family?)
  • How did you prepare for interviews? (practice interviews with alumni, CCE counselors, friends and family?)
  • How did you use LionSHARE for your job/internship search? 
  • What career/job search advice do you have for other students?

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