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Tipsheets are detailed summaries of critical information covering virtually all aspects of the job search process. They have been compiled by Center for Career Education staff from reliable sources and from personal and professional experience. We suggest browsing these materials and using them to help structure your job search.

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30-second Introduction

A 30-second introduction shares highlights about your interests, experience, strengths, accomplishments, and/or goals – all in 30 seconds! 

Career Exploration for Ph.D.s in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Disciplines

Resources for industries geared toward PhD students in STEM disciplines

Consulting Case Interviews

What is a case interview, what can you expect, and how can you prepare

Cover Letters

Cover Letters. The Basics.

Cover Letters - Academic More specific information on how to prepare a Cover Letter for an academic position.
Employer Information Sessions

Attending an employer information session is a great way to network with recruiters and alumni who are currently at the organization. Use this tipsheet to help you make the most of your experience

Finding a Job - Academic Interviews

Learn how to prepare for this unique type of interview

Finding a Job - Accepting and Declining Offers

How to gracefully accept or decline a position with sample letters

Finding a Job - According to Employers

What employers look for in students and how you can best prepare

Finding a Job - Evaluating Offers FAQs

There are many factors to consider when evaluating offers. Several financial considerations are outlined below as well as a decision tool to examine other relevant factors.

Finding a Job - Interview Questions

The different types of questions and samples for each to help you better prepare

Finding a Job - Interview Questions for Engineers

Sample technical questions to help you prepare for an engineering interview

Finding a Job - Interviewing Tips on what to do Before, During and After an interview
Finding a Job - Interviewing for Experienced Candidates Information for the candidate with 5+ years experience
Finding a Job - Negotiating Offers

Details and advice on navigating this unique situation

Finding a Job - On-Campus Jobs

Resources and contacts for on-campus jobs.

Finding a Job - Preparing for Software/Technical Interviews

Planning to go on an interview for a software/technical position? Refer to the tips and resources listed below to help you prepare!

Finding a Job - Recruiters

The Do's and Don'ts of working with Recruiters

Finding a Job - References The how-tos of obtaining references and providing them to potential employers
Finding a Job - Researching Organizations

Resources and tips for researching during your job search process

Finding a Job - Second Interview

You aced the first round of interviews, now what?

Finding a Job - Telephone, Video and Video-Recorded Interview Tips

Learn ways to approach the non-face-to-face interview process

Finding a Job - Temporary Jobs The basics of being a temporary worker including NYC-based agencies
Finding a Job - Thank You Letters

Learn when and how to write a thank you letter.

Finding a Job - Using Social Media: Advanced

Advanced concepts and examples for using social media in your job search.

Finding a Job - Using Social Media: Intro

How to use social media to create your online "brand" and to find a job.

Finding a Job - Using Social Media: LinkedIn

Explains basic LinkedIn concepts and functionality.

Finding a Job - Using Social Media: Twitter

Explains how to use Twitter to build an online presence, network, and find a job.

Finding a Job – Career Change

As a career changer there are many important factors to consider as you embark on a new job search. We’ve gathered some resources and tips to help you navigate the transition.

Finding an Undergraduate Research Position

Resources and guidance for undergraduates seeking to apply to research opportunities

General Resources - Action Verbs Categories and lists of strong action verbs for use in your resume
General Resources - LionSHARE
Frequently Asked Questions about using LionSHARE
General Resources - Non-Profit and Socially Responsible Careers
Graduate School - Factors to Consider

Help with what to do and when to do it when applying to graduate school.

International Experiences

How to highlight your international work/study abroad experience in a job interview or a resume.

LinkedIn Profile Development Tipsheet

LinkedIn is an effective tool to network with others virtually. Use this tipsheet as a guide to optimize your visibility and showcase your best work. 

Making the Most of a Career Fair – FAQs
Making the Most of a Networking Event

Networking is valuable for getting a lead on a job, gathering information, or connecting with people in your dream company. Here are tips to help you make the most of a networking event.

Making the Most of an Industry Showcase

How to make the most of your time at CCE's Industry Showcases

Making the Most of the Startup Career Fair

Learn how to research and speak with employers at the CCE Startup Career Fair.

Non-Academic Career Options for PhDs in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Focus options and resources for graduate students in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Resources and Support for Study Abroad Students
Resources for Graduate Students - Timelines Semester-by-semester plan for jumpstarting your career
Resumes and CVs - Basic Resumes

Resumes 101

Resumes and CVs - Converting Your CV to a Resume

Checklists of what to include and look for when switching from a CV to a resume

Resumes and CVs - Curriculum Vitae Curriculum Vitae 101 with online resources and samples
Resumes and CVs - For Artists

How to write a resume for your day job versus an academic CV

Resumes and CVs - For Engineers

Tailor your resume or CV for specific industries and fields

Resumes and CVs - Resumes for Experienced Candidates Resume advice and tips for student with 5+ years experience
Skills - Building Your Skills Outside the Classroom
Skills - Entrepreneurship Resources

Listing of resources on starting and running your own business

Skills - Networking & Informational Interviewing Benefits, how to get started and tips to avoid common pitfalls
Skills - Networking & Informational Interviewing - Follow-Up Letters Difference between follow-up and thank you letters with samples for reference
Skills - Networking with Alumni

Advantages, protocols of networking, and resources on how to find alumni

Skills - Professional Image

First impressions and standard dress codes

Skills - Workplace Etiquette

Positive impressions, communications and international workplace etiquette

Skills - Writing a Business Plan The Whys, Whens, and Hows of writing a comprehensive business plan
Tips for a successful internship

10 tips to make the most of an internship

Writing Sample

Tips on how to develop a good writing sample.

Leadership Development and Rotational Programs

Information regarding Leadership Development and Rotational Programs