Education: Non-Teaching Careers


Other Careers in Education

Education is not limited to just being a teacher. Various careers exist within the education sector that helps students while offering different challenges than being a classroom teacher.


In every school and school district, principals and administrators implement the policies and regulations by setting a vision from the school, managing the staff, and coordinating with either the board of trustees or school district (depending on if it is at a private or public school). To become a principal, one usually starts out as a teacher, gaining experience in education.

After that, one can obtain a Masters in Educational Leadership (or an equivalent degree), and start working as a part of the administrative team at a school. Finally, in most states, principal candidates need to earn licensure; however, this is not universal.

Being a principal offers a chance to practice management in a very impactful atmosphere.

Education Management

Education management is taking off with increased privately managed charter schools and other education programs. Education management isn’t simply limited to managing schools, and can involve running programs designed for students outside a traditional school setting. For many applicants, these roles are appealing because they offer a chance for young professionals to gain highly applicable cross-over skills in management, that aren’t offered in other industries to recent college graduates.

Some various positions from education management are listed below:

Program Manager- City Year:

As a Program Manager with City Year, it will be your responsibility to implement City Year’s program and service objectives, with direct responsibility for up to 20 corps members. You will play a critical role in implementing City Year’s school-based service model, while leading corps members through civic engagement and citizenship development curriculum throughout the ten-month program year.

Job Description for City Year Program Manager

Senior Program Manager with Computers For Youth: As a senior program manager, you can help educate thought leaders, policymakers and low-income families on the importance of expanding educational priorities to include learning in the home. Furthermore you will be responsible for  overseeing the Take IT Home Program implementation and school relations for around 50 schools

Job Description for Computers for Youth Program Manager

Education Policy

As education is a central function of every level of government, policy ideas and implementation have grown increasingly prominent in the past decade. Much research has gone into policy in recent years from sociological, psychological, economical, statistical, and educational points of view. Those at the forefront of education policy help develop innovative practices and policies to better our education system.

Think Tanks/Research Centers-

Teachers College- Columbia’s graduate school of education focused on research and policy implementation working across disciplines for innovation within education. 

Steinhardt School- NYU’s undergraduate and graduate school of education focused on research and policy implementation, particularly with urban schools. 

Center on Education Policy- National advocacy and policy think tank focusing on improving public education.

Education Policy Institute- A national research and policy think tank focusing on addressing inequities in education funding and programs. 

Government- At the heart of educational policy is the implementation of it at all levels of government ranging from the federal government to the local district and school board. Jobs can range from serving directly on the school board, to being a school district administrator or an employee with a state or federal agency.

Like other government jobs, the key to getting a job offer is to build connections and work in applicable internships.

School District Administrator- School district administrators are responsible for executing the policy set out by the school board (for public schools) or board of trustees (for private schools). Potential positions include marketing, accounting, teacher evaluation, curriculum development, outreach etc. Many administrators have some sort of teaching background; however, it is not a pre-requisite for a career as a school district administrator.


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