There are steps that you can take to prepare for your interview.

Practice Interviews

Ask faculty members in your department to interview you as if you were at a conference interview and ask for their feedback. Also, work with us in career counseling appointments to practice presenting your dissertation research.

Present Your Career

The interviewers are interested in who you are as a scholar, teacher, and colleague. Convey all three dimensions by highlighting:

  • The trajectory of your work and specific ideas for future projects
  • Published conference papers, articles, and/or chapters
  • Grant awards received and ideas for obtaining future funding (particularly important for the sciences)
  • Syllabi prepared for courses specific to the needs of the department and expected student workload for that institution. Include texts you would use.
  • Be prepared to describe any particular equipment or facilities you will need for your research (e.g., animal facilities).  Be specific about how you would use the facility.

Interview Process

  • Your goal is to have the interviewers conclude that you represent a significant intellectual resource, a collegial addition to their staff, and a good fit for the department.
  • The interview will be a dialogue. Show interest in and the ability to discuss the faculty’s lines of research, current projects, etc.
  • Adddress everyone in the room; use eye contact to include everyone as you speak.
  • Bring  extra copies of any handouts or PowerPoint slides you plan to use.

After the Interview

  • Always send thank you notes to your interviewers at each stage of this process.