Career Resources

Core Career Skills


CCE career counselors have created the resources below as a starting point for your career search. These core skills can create a foundation for a successful job search. You can also view our 2016-2017 Career Planning Guide in its entirety by downloading it or picking up a hard copy from our Center.

1.  Explore your interests, skills, values, and personality and connect these to career options. It is essential to know yourself and your fit in the world of work so that you can locate and secure opportunities that are a good match for you.

2.  Prepare well-written cover letters and resumes or CVs; research, reflect, and practice before interviews and networking to present a strong professional image and communicate to an employer what sets you apart from other candidates.

On Paper


In Person

3. Network with professionals to strengthen your industry knowledge, help you make career choices, and gain more contacts in your fields of interest. Also, the majority of jobs are filled by referral and information gathered through your contacts, because people like to hire people they know and trust.

4. Experience potential career options and build transferable skills through: internships; research experiences; part- or full-time jobs; volunteering; leadership roles in student clubs/professional organizations.