We know how draining the job search process can feel. Read these tips to gain perspective, maintain momentum and keep a positive outlook.

The job search process is just that—a process. You won’t be able to create a resume, cover letter, fine-tune your interviewing skills, or land a job overnight. Once you accept that the process takes time, dedication and research, you may be a little more patient with yourself and others. Below are six things you can do during your job search to stay motivated:

  • Keep a journal or notes to acknowledge your accomplishments. Use this as a way to reflect on what you have  learned, and identify next steps in your search. 
  • Surround yourself with friends, and confidantes. After a day of tough interviews,  it may be hard to remember that setbacks are temporary. A friend or former colleague can empathize, remind you of your value, and put things into perspective.   
  • Think about creating your own “board of advisors” — identify people you can turn to with questions, or start a job search group amongst friends to keep up momentum. 
  • Consider volunteering while you search. You will feel more productive, put your own experiences in perspective, and even grow your network. 
  • Build in breaks: include fun, social, or creative activities in your schedule. Do something every day that gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  • Engage in activities that nourish and revive you to stay focused. Manage your energy too — make sure to get enough sleep, eat well, and get some exercise. 

Remember: The job search is about finding a fit, it is not a measure of your worth as a human being!