Interviewing is a skill. Like all skills, it takes practice. Mock interviews are a great way to gain experience, practice interview skills, receive feedback, and improve performance.

The Mock Interview Program is a chance for students to prepare and practice interviewing for an upcoming internship or full-time job opportunities. Students will have the opportunity to practice interviewing with a Columbia University alumnus and receive real-world feedback in real time.

Want to Participate in the Mock Interview Program?

Registration for the Mock Interview Program typically opens at the beginning of each semester. This program is offered on four select evenings from 5pm-9pm. Students will be able to schedule a 30-minute one-on-one session with either an alumnus (7pm-9pm appointments) or a CCE career counselor (5pm-7pm).

You must schedule an appointment in advance by telephone. Slots will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. 

How do you Schedule an Appointment?

The Mock Interview Program will be available on the following dates in the Spring 2017 semester:

General Mock Interviews:

  • Wednesday, January 25

  • Wednesday, February 1

  • Wednesday, February 15

Software/TECH Mock Interviews:

  • Wednesday, February 8

What Students are Saying about the Mock Interview Program:

“Mock interviewing is honestly the most helpful experience I’ve had at CCE. I felt she was very knowledgeable and experienced and appreciated this a lot. She gave me great feedback as well.”

“It was a rewarding experience. I gained a lot of knowledge about the interview process that I was lacking. I am glad I chose to participate in the mock interview.”

“My alumna interviewer was very helpful and instructive in the interview process, and very friendly. That allowed me to become completely relaxed and perform well.”

“My mock interviewer was very prepared, engaged and offered excellent advice regarding my resume, cover letter and overall presence.”

“I really want to thank my alumna interviewer because she helped me a lot with her advice. She was really helpful even after my real interview when she supported me by phone in writing the email to thank the person who interviewed me.”

Who are the Alumni Interviewers?

Alumni volunteers for the Mock Interview Program come from a variety of industries, backgrounds, and years of experience. Here is a sample of some of our past alumni interviewers:

  • Adam Beatty (CC’89) — Finance

  • Ahmet Can (CC’88) — Finance

  • Alexander Castilla (GSAS‘07) — Career Coaching

  • Anatole Ashraf (GS‘12)- Digital Media

  • Brittany Dubose (CC’08)- Healthcare Research

  • Eileen Lee (CC’05) — Non-profit

  • Erin Connell (CC’13) — Paralegal

  • Ernest Brod (CC‘58)- Business Intelligence

  • Heather Braunagel (CC’13) — Business Development

  • Ishwara Cherin — Sports Management

  • Kris Ishibashi (BU’82) — Career Coaching

  • Luk Lau (SEAS’88) — Finance

  • Matt Getz (CC’12) — Law

  • Paul Chiu — Finance

  • Rebecca Rogers (GS‘98) — Real Estate

  • Sevan Gatsby — PR/Media

  • Shira Schindel (CC’11)- Education Technology

  • Young Hee Yoo (CC’09) — Fashion/Marketing