Columbia University Global Opportunities (CU GO) seeks to facilitate the development of global and professional competencies.

Any student who has secured an international summer internship, research, or volunteer opportunity may apply for the CU GO program to have access to an alumni mentor, receive professional development training and ongoing support, and connect with a network of globally-minded peers.  

Program Features

After independently securing your own experiential summer opportunity (internship, research, and volunteering), you can apply to join CU GO to participate in the following program features alongside your experience:

  • Pre-Program Training, including internship and cross-cultural guidance, goal-setting, and more
  • Networking with fellow CU GO students and alumni
  • Ongoing Career Support throughout the summer experience
  • Alumni Mentor to provide personal and professional guidance and support throughout the summer
  • Reflection Exercise to further support career exploration
  • Reflection Session to discuss acquired skills from summer experience, career exploration, and upcoming job/internship search

Program Benefits

Upon completion of CU GO, you will have:

  • Enhanced cross-cultural understanding
  • Developed a goal-setting framework
  • Improved professional etiquette
  • Tools to identify and pursue future career goals  
  • A more robust professional network of globally minded alumni and peers


You’re eligible to join CU GO if you are a student at Columbia College, SEAS, General Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, or the School of the Arts and you have secured and accepted an international experience for the summer.

Application Process

Once you secure your own international experience for the summer, you are eligible to apply for CU GO. Please note it is required that all applicants secure an international experience before applying for the CU GO program.

Are you still trying to secure a position overseas?

Don’t worry!  There are various ways to secure a position overseas.  Take a look at the International Resources page which will provide some recommendations on how to obtain an international opportunity.