Seniors, are you stepping towards success in your job search?

October 31, 2013


Where are you in your post-graduation job search? Read below for some tips and resources for success no matter at what stage you are in the process.

Also RSVP for our workshop especially for seniors called “Identify Your Skills for Success in the Job Search” on November 15th where we will use an interactive assessment tool to help you recognize your unique skills and qualities and apply them to your career.

I’ve got an offer!

               Congrats! While most people won’t fall into this category, if you do find yourself with an offer this early in the year, make sure you know how to appropriately accept and decline offers and inform your network of your next steps.

I’ve got a plan in motion so that I’ll have a job by the time I graduate or soon after.

               Well done.  Make sure your plan is robust by using our Senior Job Search tipsheet, and review our weekly newsletter and web calendar, or consider checking in with a counselor to be sure you’re not missing out on ways to find opportunities. Set up a Job Agent in LionSHARE to get new jobs emailed to you- there are nearly 300 full time entry level jobs active for seniors to apply to right now and this number will continue to rise as it gets closer to graduation.

I know what I’m interested in, but I’m not sure how to get there.

               This is very common. Try talking to alumni in your field of interest to see how they broke into the field and get their advice. This process of “informational interviewing” can also lead to referrals/connections to job opportunities when the time comes. A counselor can also help you develop a plan of action and direct you to industry-specific resources and events like our Spring Industry Showcases with recruiters from fields like Advertising/Marketing/PR, Fashion, and Think Tanks, or our site visit program with visits to employers such as the Environmental Protection Agency and Thornton Thomasetti. Look for entry level jobs in your fields of interest in LionSHARE and set up a Job Agent to have new jobs emailed to you.

I don’t know what I want to do or where to start.

               You’re not alone! We see a lot of seniors who need help reflecting on their past experiences, skills and interests to narrow down their fields of choice. Consider speaking with a counselor about self-assessments and other resources to learn about career options that are a fit for you. Also attend employer events like the Industry Showcases and Site Visits mentioned above to learn about fields that might interest you. RSVP for our Skills assessment workshop on Nov. 15th to identify your skills and link them to career options.

I didn’t receive an offer through On-Campus Interviewing and I’m panicking.

               Don’t worry. There are still plenty of opportunities out there, but you may need to re-strategize or consider options you hadn’t previously, like leadership development programs or companies that hire on an as-needed basis. Speak with a counselor about your particular goals and interests to come up with a plan, and look for jobs outside of On Campus Recruiting in LionSHARE by using the Job/Internship Search tab.