2018 In the Know Posts

September 2018

Student working at a computer
September 10, 2018
Why do a Virtual Internship? Working remotely is becoming the new normal. CNN Money reports, “The number of telecommuting workers has increased 115% in a decade, according to a new report from Global...Read more

August 2018

Student during Quick Questions with Staff member
August 28, 2018
That’s 431 hours , or 1.55 million seconds, of career advice given to students! Were you one of them?Read more
Student with Clothing Closet Suit
August 15, 2018
Dress for success with CCE’s Clothing Closet Service !Read more
Student with Clothing Closet Suit
August 15, 2018
Dress for success with CCE’s Clothing Closet Service !Read more
Conoco Phillips
August 8, 2018
This summer we headed to Houston to learn more about opportunities in Oil & Gas and the Energy sector and how you can connect with them too!Read more
August 1, 2018
Dear CCE, Q: I’m about to finish my summer internship and I’m having a hard time figuring out what new skills I’ve gained or what I’ve learned this summer. How can I...Read more

June 2018

Amazon first man-less store
June 7, 2018
We’re traveling the country to connect Columbia talent to West Coast tech firms By Syndhia Javier , Employer and Alumni Relations A couple of weeks ago, I took a trip to the West Coast to...Read more
Student Standing on a deck looking into distance with notepad
June 4, 2018
Now you’re in the swing of things. Keep the momentum going! You may have finally figured out how to navigate the commute and the names of your coworkers, but there’s more to learn to become a fully-...Read more

May 2018

Student looking inspired
May 31, 2018
Dear CCE, I’m about to start my internship. Even though I went through the interview process, I’m not really sure what’s expected of me. What do I do? Dear Student, Congratulations on your internship...Read more
Hands on a keyboard
May 29, 2018
Take Full Advantage of LinkedIn by Joining LinkedIn Groups By Tracy McGarry and Cathy Gibbons , Alumni Career Development So by now, you’ve probably heard someone mention LinkedIn before. You...Read more
Arman Azad
May 15, 2018
A Record-Breaking Year! We broke records this summer by administering over $1.1 million in Work Exemption Program (WEP) grants and summer funding awards to Columbia undergraduate students! A...Read more
Panelists clapping
May 10, 2018
NEW, ENHANCED IDENTITY-BASED CAREER PROGRAMMING We recognize and celebrate the diversity represented in our student body. Our dedication to best serving all of our students led to new, creative...Read more
May 10, 2018
At the PhD Pathways: Career Conversations event on April 11, PhDs currently working in these two fields shared their experiences finding employment, their views on pursuing non-academic careers and their advice about seeking employment. Among the panelists were representatives from United Nations, UNDP, Ford Foundation, and IDA. The panelists represented a good cross-section of degrees in: Sociology, Physics, Finance and Business, and Educational Technology.Read more

April 2018

Students in John Jay Lounge
April 30, 2018
Thanks to our awesome partners at Residential Life and Columbia College, this year we brought 17 programs to res halls across campus. Here are a few highlights!Read more
Michelle Huang CC'19
April 23, 2018
Summer break is quickly approaching! We know that you’ve been working hard to succeed inside the classroom and outside as well, so we hope you are preparing for a relaxing, and productive upcoming summer. Here are some tips on how current first-years can develop professionally during your summer break from Columbia, keeping in mind some of the core competencies of your Columbia journey:Read more