2018 In the Know Posts

March 2018

March 16, 2018
Students visited Teach for America’s New York City offices and DoSomething.org’s offices as part of the Columbia Exploration Externship program .Read more
March 13, 2018
What is Corporate Social Responsibility and Why Should You Care? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a common term today that is increasingly being incorporated into many companies’ brands and...Read more
Employers from Sailthru in front of Startup Alley Sign
March 13, 2018
CCE held Startup Alley on Friday, March 2nd, a Career Fair specifically catered to bringing in organizations in the startup and entrepreneurial industry. The 35 employers who attended included...Read more
Nita Baum
March 9, 2018
Currently, about 34% of the U.S. workforce is part of the gig economy , with that number expected to increase to 40% by 2020. On March 6th, Nita Baum, founder of b*free , joined students and staff at...Read more
Young man shakes hands at an interview
March 6, 2018
Our Employer Relations team recently spoke with many of the largest financial services firms, also referred to as bulge bracket banks , and they have notified us that they are changing the recruiting timelines for 2019 summer internship hiring.Read more
Students outside of the Rubin Museum of Art
March 5, 2018
On Friday, February 23th, students and staff visited the Rubin Museum of Art , an art and cultural hub in Chelsea focused on bridging contemporary life and the art and concepts of the Himalayas and...Read more
March 2, 2018
“How has your week been?” the interviewer asks. You freeze. You wonder why she’s asking. What should you say? Should you tell her the truth: your ceiling is leaking, your roommate was playing loud...Read more
March 1, 2018
When Yvonne Yi-Fan Hsiao started at Columbia in 2013, she was a SEAS student intending to major in APAM. After taking Latin American history with Professor Caterina Pizzigoni, Yvonne was inspired to...Read more

February 2018

Industry Showcase: Engineering - Panel and Audience
February 27, 2018
In the engineering field, being able to communicate and build relationships with colleagues and clients, manage projects, research, write, and prepare presentations is equally as important as your...Read more
February 22, 2018
On Friday, February 16, 114 employers from across industries gathered at Lerner Hall for the 2018 Spring Career Fair. Over 1,000 Columbians attended the fair, which was open to students of all degree...Read more
February 20, 2018
At the most recent PhD Pathway: Career Conversations event , PhD students and alumni gathered to network and discuss the world of Not-for-Profits. Sharing their experiences were representatives from...Read more
February 15, 2018
On Friday, February 9th, the Center for Career Education, First-in-Family programs, and First-Generation Low-Income Partnership (FLIP) co-hosted a workshop for first-generation college students...Read more
Group in lobby of Bloomberg News
February 14, 2018
On Friday, February 2nd we kicked off our Site Visit program for the spring semester with a trip to Bloomberg News. Our hosts were gracious Columbia alumni, Janet Lorin and Nick Summers. They...Read more
February 12, 2018
Visa and Permanent residency options can be difficult to navigate. That’s why we brought the experts to you. IMMIGRATION ATTORNEYS HOSTED BY CCE TO SPEAK WITH PHD STUDENTS ABOUT VISA OPTIONS On...Read more