Interested in learning more about career options within the Consulting industry?

The Boutique Consulting Industry Showcase is held annually, and includes a joint networking session for a number of boutique consulting firms. It is a great opportunity for students who are just starting to explore career opportunities in consulting as well as for those that have had prior internship experience in the industry. It is never too early to learn more about the variety of career paths available in consulting.

I personally feel the experience and fast learning curve that one gets when joining a boutique consultancy is unparalleled.


- Campana & Schott representative

The 2019 Boutique Consulting Industry Showcase held on Monday, September 16th brought together representatives from 22 industry-leading companies:

Alpha Financial Markets Consulting Alton Aviation Consultancy Back Bay Life Science Advisors Campana & Schott
Capco Capgemini America — Invent CBPartners Chappuis Halder
Delta Partners Galt & Company Gemic IQVIA
Malk Partners Marakon Mars & Co OC&C Strategy Consultants
OnPrem Solution Partners Quadrant Strategies QVARTZ Redstone Strategy Group
Renaissance Strategic Advisors Wavestone    

A special thanks to this year’s sponsors! Alpha Financial Markets Consulting, Chappuis Halder, Capco, Renaissance Strategic Advisors, and Campana & Schott.

Learn More About the Employers in Attendance

Over 300 students gathered to meet with over 60 employer representatives and alumni in attendance. For additional information on the companies and the opportunities they represent, look through the Employer Booklet from the event:

2019 Industry Showcase Employer Booklet

You might notice that the Booklet includes questions answered by employers. At a glance, a few responses included:

  • What made you/your colleagues choose a boutique consulting firm over larger consulting firms?
    Independence and flexibility to create your own path. Capgemini Inc. is a vast organization, while Capgemini Invent has the cultural and team benefits of the small firm. One of these benefits is insight into the various sectors, capability units, and internal functions across the organization.
  • What is one thing you want students to know about your company’s space in the consulting industry?
    Since our firm [CBPartners] is on the smaller side, we get to work in different type of projects on a global scale and increase our own knowledge depth in various subject areas.
  • What tips do you have for case interview preparation?
    While some preparation is good, it is best not to be too rigid in your approach to the cases given. We [OC&C Strategy Consultants] do not expect candidates to actually solve the cases in interviews. The interview is more about gauging how candidates approach problems, and the thought processes they use to devise steps to solve it. Not every case will fit within a defined set of frameworks, but every case will present a set of challenges to work through. We are most interested in the questions you ask along the way and how you creatively approach the challenges set forth by the prompt.
  • What tips do you have for case interview preparation?
    Our tip for case interview preparation is to practice with your peers both as interviewer and interviewee and give each other feedback. Moreover, it is important to practice not only with good friends, but also with people you do not know. This helps recreate the actual interview situation. A good site to find practice buddies is Prep Lounge.


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