What does it take to be a student leader? 

Leaders gathered for lunch on September 7, 2018 to reflect on how their roles in clubs have helped them build their leadership skills. This was a unique opportunity for a variety of club leaders to get to know each other.

Graduate student leaders talking

Why should you think about taking on a student leadership position? 

In groups, they discussed the leadership skills they are developing. It was clear from their discussions that club leadership helps students build critical skills which employers seek, including communication skills, the ability to be a liaison, delegation skills, motivation to achieve goals, persuasive abilities, the ability to align goals, advocacy skills, and a desire to prioritize inclusion.

Students commented that “There are few opportunities for club leaders to meet and exchange opinions” and they “appreciated the opportunity to network.”

Graduate student leaders talking

What opportunities are there for you to Lead in a student Club?

Student leaders represented a variety of clubs:

  • Columbia Graduate Consulting Club
  • Columbia Students of Color Alliance
  • qSTEM
  • Graduate History Association
  • CU Chinese Students and Scholars Association
  • Arts & Sciences Graduate Council
  • Engineering Graduate Student Council
  • Human Rights Graduate Group
  • Biological Sciences Career Initiative
  • GSAS Humanities Student Senate
Graduate student leaders talking

How can you build your leadership Skills?

The leaders also prepared questions for the upcoming Graduate Student Leaders Panel on October 19, 2018  where they will speak with other graduate students looking for ways to build their leadership skills.

Some of the questions they will address are:

  • What skills are most valuable as a leader?
  • How do you deal with time conflicts?
  • How will you transfer your leadership skills to the workplace?
  • How do you resolve conflicts with your team?
  • How do you coordinate with so many offices and people?
  • What is your leadership style?

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